WordPress Shortcodes Plugin + 3 Premium WP Themes – only $19!

Lizatom Shortcodes

WordPress has become more and more powerful in the last years, gaining users and enthusiasts because of its easy-to-use interface and a variety of content building options. Because of the growing number of users, changes and improvements are always welcome.

Shortcodes come in handy when you need to write code fast and the system could help you out with that. As shortcodes are scattered all over the Internet, it is when Lizatom Shortcodes comes into the picture – which is a shortcodes plugin available for WordPress.

The plugin can be installed in just a few steps, being cross-browser of course. It contains over 5000 shortcodes, easily integrated on your website. You can get this plugin for only $19 which is a great deal considering the fact that it is so convenient to have it.


And this is not all! This deal comes with a bonus – 3 Premium WordPress Themes. All of them include sliders, custom widgets, Google fonts, jQuery effects and many more. Premium WordPress themes are usually pricy so getting this deal is an awesome opportunity to get just the things you need for your WordPress website.

Premium WordPress Themes

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