50 Top WordPress Themes Released in 2012


Creatic is a multipurpose portfolio and blog WordPress theme. With multiple galleries, shortcodes, and a sleek design, it’s a must-have.


Whitelight is a great ecommerce theme that includes a modfular homepage and some WooCommerce goodness.


Indulgence is a WordPress theme meant for any business that thinks the internet is a great way to reach customers.


Simfo is a minimal, responsive theme with a subtle touch of grunge texture and some great attention to details. Of course, it’s responsive as well.


Shopo is made for larger shops that have a selection of products in different categories. The AJAX shopping cart makes ecommerce a breeze, and it’s also responsive.


Uber is a responsive theme for freelance creative professionals. Your works will look spectacular in the gallery, and there’s even a full screen option.


Shelflife is just another spectacular ecommerce theme from the WooCommerce team.

Photo Touch

PhotoTouch is a responsive photo theme that works perfectly on mobile devices. The gallery and slideshow mimics the iPhone app, and it works perfectly on other devices too.

17 Free WordPress Themes


Accentbox is an HTML5, CSS3 and responsive theme. Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it’s lacking anything. It puts any premium theme to shame.


Launcer is what your new site needs: a landing page while you get ready to launch. Users will be kept up to date so you can make a smashing entry in the online world.

Twenty Eleven

2011 is basically a default style WordPress theme, but that doesn’t keep it from being useful. In fact, the clean design creates the perfect site for bloggers.


Pronto is a clean, minimalistic WordPress theme that uses a grid structure to display your work. It includes some great built-in features.


Ascetica is a spacious, responsive blog theme suited for bloggers who want to showcase their work and their posts together.


iTheme2 is an iTheme-styled theme that uses Themify to add more options. It’s perfect for technology blogs and Mac fans.


Phtoum is a WordPress theme that will give you a nice, clean portfolio to show off your photos. It’s designed to be neutral and clean so your work can stand out.


Need a free responsive theme? Respo is the answer, with a sleek customizable design that even has sliders that work on mobile devices.


Leon is a fully responsive WordPress theme with custom menus, featured thumbnails and widgets. You’ll love the fact it works anywhere, for any purpose.


Hatch is a theme built to use WordPress core functions for everything, so it’s lightweight and secure. It’s also a beautifully designed theme too.


Mixfolio is a resposnive, HTML5 and CSS3 portfolio theme that is absolutely free. You can use it to build your portfolio and online presence.

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James Howard

This post is written by James Howard, who is a Theme designer / resident writer at MyThemeShop, a premium WordPress theme club.


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