10 WordPress Themes inspired by Social Media

2012 has seen some great web design already and the Big social media sites have really lead the way in redesigning their layouts and functionality… so much so that web designers all over the world have started to take note and take inspiration.

Below I’ve put together a collection of fresh WordPress themes that take inspiration from Social Media and incorporate elements into stunning development to create some of the best WordPress Themes ever created (in my opinion).

WordPress Themes inspired by Social Media

Endless – Infinate Scrolling WordPress Theme

Endless is a stylish and very clean infinite scrolling theme, perfect for bloggers and storytellers alike. Sneek http://www.sneekdigital.co.uk have built this theme using web standard HTML5  and mixed this with some clever CSS3. The theme also includes a bit of jQuery to make this theme beautiful.  Inspired by Facebook’s Timeline this design is 100% on trend for 2012.

Liquid Magazine – Unique Fluid Grid Layout

Liquid Magazine is unique fluid grid layout theme. Inspired by the ever popular and extremely addictive Pinterest, this theme is again right on the money for 2012 web design.

WordPress Accordium Theme

An easy to use theme suitable for bloggers and portfolios.  This theme includes a few basic options trying to keep it as uncomplicated as possible! Inspiration for this theme clearly comes from Twitter – keeping a flowing feed of short, sharp information with the ability to expand for more information.

Brick & Mason: Premium Photography and Blog Theme

Brick & Mason is ideal for design studios and/or photographers. It is built around an infinite scrolling idea using using jQuery. This theme is also suitable to any browser size. Again inspiration comes from the fantastic social media site Pinterest – used to great effect.

wpTraveller – WordPress Travel Photo blog

A theme built specifically for travelers. It’s perfectly suited to the travelers that wants to share their discoveries of the world through photography.

This theme includes two things that take Inspiration from Facebook 1) The map showing pictures tagged in places you’ve visited and 2) the blog posts are like the Facebook Timeline Highlights. Great theme and great use of Facebook inspiration.


Videozoom is theme which is built specifically with videos in mind. Now this theme takes inspiration from the world’s largest video hosting website – YouTube. Although YouTube’s navigation is different the use of the sidebars and related videos takes great inspiration from YouTube.

FacePress – Community Content Sharing

FacePress is a theme made with the intention of building community content. Users can follow other users and contribute stories to the site.

There is no doubt about it – this theme gets its main inspiration from Facebook’s Timeline… if you view the live demo, change the view to Timeline and you will see a mix of the new Facebook Timeline with the old Facebook navigation tabs along the top. A great mix of the two popular Facebook features.

Expose Gallery WordPress Theme 3-in-1

Expose is perfectly suited to CSS gallery showcases and personal portfolios.  This theme takes its inspiration from a very popular, invite only, design based social media site… you guessed it; Dribbble.com The layout is almost identical and serves a perfect purpose, to showcase work and to gain ratings on it.


A cool responsive WordPress theme that is a clever way to present your posts. Truth be told – this is the closest thing you’re going to get to Pinterest without actually being on Pinterest!


Inspired or cloned, you decide but Nominate allows you to create your own niche version of Digg.  The way it works is you setup categories and users submit links to articles/websites for other users to vote on. The most voted submissions receive the most attention.

So if you’re looking for a new WordPress Theme to give your website the Social Media feel then these are the ones you need to be looking at!

Drew Harding is the Digital Marketing Manager at Eclipse Creative, Social Media Manager at Vista Foodservice and publishes his own WordPress Theme Resource blog called Onset Digital. If you wish to get in touch, follow him on Twitter: @drew_harding or follow Onset Digital: @OnsetDigital.


  1. joel Apr 22, 8:26 pm

    I like how the endless theme dudes are using bootstrap and brag about stuff they didn’t even code in their feature page

  2. aledesign.it Apr 23, 11:44 am

    WordPress is the best. I hope to make a good works in the future. A great collection. Thanks for inspirations!

  3. Arshad Apr 23, 5:36 pm

    Thanks for the collection Drew.I also have gathered a collection of Pinterest Style WordPress themes last week.


  4. Rachael Apr 24, 11:27 am

    There are some nice examples here, my personal favourites are Endless and Liquid Magazine, Although in the example in the picture you have shown I think the background is a bit garish, on the example on their live preview the subtle yet sleek black wood works a lot better in my opinion.

    I like the design of Endless, although the animation seems a bit clunky to me with loading new posts, it doesn’t look quite smooth enough, but the overall design is great and I think it would be great to build colours and textures into it to make it more personal.

    Thanks for sharing these great WordPress themes, I’m sure they will provide some inspiration in the future.

  5. purethemes Apr 24, 9:04 pm


    Thank you for featuring my theme (wpTraveller) but to be honest Facebook wasn’t inspiration for that theme, and I started developing it long before Timeline was introduced ;) I know it’s not the point of post, but just wanted to share.
    Thank you once again!


  6. Drew Apr 29, 12:41 am

    Thanks for all your kind words and I’m glad you like the article :)

    @purethemes – I’m happy you get the point of the article and perhaps Facebook took inspiration from you for Timeline ;) regardless, it’s a good theme :)

    Thanks again everyone


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