World Cup Football Designs (1930 – 2010) – Balls

Football – one of the most wanted sports in history. Football matches are being watched by lots of fans every day, not to mention different championships that gather millions of people from all over the world.

Football fans would give anything to be at the matches and see their favorite teams; they paint their faces, wear T-shirts and have flags of their favorites. But I think most of the fans would really appreciate the ball that has been on that football field. Especially the football that has helped their favorite team win a game. Now that would be a hell of a souvenir that you could show off to your kids and grandsons!

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They have changed their shapes, textures, materials and colors and today they are extremely expensive but for a good cause – the football game. So, whether it’s the World Cup or a simple match, I think the design of footballs are pretty nice, they are always so shiny and look great on the green grass of the field. So if you would like to see some pretty darn good designs of soccer balls, than this article might be helpful.

World Cup Football Designs – Balls

“T-Model” 1930

“Federale 102″ 1934

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“ALLEN” 1938

“Super Duplo T” 1950

“Swiss WC Match Ball” 1954

“TOP-STAR” 1958

“MR. CRACK” 1962

“Challenge 4-Star” 1966

“Telstar” 1970

“Telstar Durlast” 1974

“Tango Riverplate” 1978

“Tango España” 1982

“Azteco Mexico” 1986

“Etrusco Unico” 1990

“Questra” 1994

“EQT Tricolore” 1998

“Fevernova” 2002

“Teamgeist” 2006

“Jabulani” 2010

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  1. Dezine Weblog Mar 2, 4:12 pm

    Excellent compilation. I am not a big fan of football though but I like the designs you shared.

    The initial football designs looking very boring :)

    The 2006 design is great IMO.


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