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Have you ever rendered the Internet aimless, looking for something, not knowing yourself what is it exactly you are looking for? Or perhaps you would like to find something similar to an item that you already have.  If only there was a place, or even better, a site that could provide an answer. Well, you are in luck, such a place in the online community exists, it is functional, it is dynamic, it is fun and it is free. So fun in fact, that its own name screams it –, and it has a good credo: “Goods that find you”!

A fairly new concept, this site has started working in almost full capacity not so long ago, and by that we mean the actual functioning of its key element, the recommendation feature. And indeed, their goods, well actually not theirs, they come from a myriad of online shopping sites, but we’ll get to that part later, so, back to those goods, they find you! How so they do that? Well, based on your ”like”s, ”want”s and ”have”s, as well as your friends’ activity on the site, they are able to predict and ultimately recommend you new products that most likely will fit your taste.

The site works as some kind of a wish list and at the same time it can filter and track all the products that you already have. All of these products, which vary all the way from home and tech supplies to books, music, fashion and many other miscellaneous things, come from all over the Internet, mostly from online stores. They get here by being dropped, a concept that allows you to virtually send any product you might find appealing directly to the site. And it all happens because of the “drop” button that you can install on your bookmarks bar by simply dragging it there from the site.

And it gets even simpler from there on, you just go on any online shop you like, find a suitable to your taste product and drop it.

The actual drop takes place after you hit the “like it”, “want it” or “have it” after you fill in all the required fields of the drop menu.

Oh, and when you do find something that you decide to buy, by clicking the “buy it” button, you get redirected to the original site from which the product was dropped.

Fairly simple in its use and pretty much self explanatory the site is a place for you and your friends to share your interests and preferences and get to know each other better by browsing thru each others’ drops. The cool thing is that even though it isn’t a social site it has some of its characteristics and is actually connected to some of the most popular of them like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Stumbleupon. All the drops you make, all of your “like”s, “want”s and “have”s can be seen only by your friends and you can see theirs respectively.

It’s a fun way to get to know each other better and understand the tastes of  the people you are connected to. You can check all those out in the “activity feed” section which shows you what your friends were up to, including their latest drops and “like”s so you won’t miss anything while being away.  Unlike the rest of the social sites, you share only your interests in fashion, books, music, tech, home items and other miscellaneous products. However, you can sign in on the site by using your Facebook account or by requesting an invite. Also if you are connected thru Facebook, all of your preferences are automatically sent to your wall the minute you hit those, already infamous, 3 buttons.

The site has a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account, both of which are constantly updated with new drops from the site, articles, photos, interviews and blogs that its users might find interesting. Also,, has a blog, focused mostly on fashion, where information on new interesting and creative designers is shared, trends are explored, lookbooks and products are showcased.

Aside from the blog, there is a weekly digest, with 7 of the most outstanding new drops added that week, information on the development of the site, its services, the interesting new found things and blogposts. is a developing community for fun, creative and active people, so get connected, get dropping and get yeayin’.



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