The Art of Yong Ho Ji – Recycled Tire Sculptures

Yong Ho Ji is a Korean sculpture who was born in the year 1978. He did his BFA in sculptures from the Hongik University in Seoul and later moved on to New York to complete his MFA in fine arts from the New York University. The art of Yong Ho Ji is quite unique and truly one-of-its kind.

His sculptures generally represent endangered and mythological species blended perfectly with a near human physical structure and features of animals known to us with the help of meticulously cut strips of tire representing flesh, muscles and curves of the bodies.

The figures created by this young Korean artist mostly reminds us of science-fiction monsters, alien creatures, humanoids and genetically modified organisms (GMO) which appear in myths and in modern science fiction stories and films. Art of Yong Ho Ji clearly expresses and throws a fair amount of skepticism to those who are trying to defy nature by creating entirely new form or species of animals or plants and even human being by scientifically modifying the mutation of genes.

The Art of Yong Ho Ji

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  1. Gerard Godin Jan 16, 8:25 pm

    Wow! These are gorgeous.. I wish I could do something in the same vein, but pixels do not lend themselves to recycling as much :)


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