15 Effective Email Marketing Online Tools to Promote your Business


Email marketing has been one of the tools that firstly appeared when businesses started moving online. However this method being considered pretty outdated, isn’t the less effective. Email marketing is believed to reach the right target and bring customers to the needed source. It is still a pretty good method to generate leads and in the end earn money.

Of course one of the main problems is spaming, and there are lots of bots that take advantage of this method, and even abuse it at times. This makes marketers think about ways to building trust with their future customers. Some of them might even not get your Email as channels often might be blocked. This makes marketers avoid this type or advertising. One thing some of them don’t know is that there are online tools that might help Email marketing work the right way.

We have selected a couple of tools that will help you grow your business with the help of Email marketing. Hopefully they will help you out and if you have other suggestions of good tools we would be happy to read about them.

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  1. Ros Hodgekiss Apr 19, 2:18 am

    Uh oh, someone forgot http://www.campaignmonitor.com ! ;)

    Yes, descriptions would have been excellent. As anyone who has really kicked the tyres on email marketing knows, it’s not a level playing field. Some of the services above are more ‘hands-on’ than others, some cater best to bigger lists/big companies over others and each has their own unique set of features. It’s a tad presumptuous to throw them all into the same category.

  2. Billy Jul 13, 2:47 am

    This is great but I have a provider,what I need is to know how to design the effective email. Add the graphics, make it clickable, etc. What is best tool for this?

  3. Tonya May 8, 12:29 am

    Some how I landed on your blog I guess for good reason you learn something new everyday.
    Thanks for the post

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