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17 Useful jQuery Plugins to Improve the Look and Feel of Your Website


Ever heard of JavaScript? I bet it’s a Yes if you’re a web designer and how long did it take for you to master it? Unless you are a genius, it does take some time to learn how to use it and only after that create some great websites.

For those of you who have not yet worked with JavaScript and it kind of scares you – we have good news for you. If you want to increase the usability and the appearance of your website – you can use a really powerful framework to help you out known as jQuery.

jQuery comes in handy  when you want your website to look nicer and user-friendly. Let’s say you would like to add something interactive to your future website, then you could use one of the jQuery plugins and for your information it has many of them at your disposal.

What’s more, thanks to all those skilled developers these plugins appear all the time, so that you could use something fresh and up to date for your website. You can easily find them on the Internet, but we can help you with that and offer you a selection of 20 fresh and useful jQuery plugins that you might consider using. Enjoy!

jQuery Plugins

jQuery Quicksand plugin

Reorder and filter items with a nice shuffling animation.

iPhone Style Radio and Checkbox Switches using JQuery and CSS

A simple technique for creating radio button and checkbox switches with jQuery.

jQuery MegaMenu Plugin

This is a sequel to the popular jQuery MegaMenu Plugin, with quiet a lot of changes in the code base and usability.

Contextual Slideout Tips With jQuery & CSS3

A set of contextual slideout tips with jQuery & CSS3, which are ideal for product pages and online tours.

Impress your audience with animated websites and web presentations.

With Slides, we don’t make you start from an empty slate. All you have to do is to pick the elements you like best and combine them. Each slide has been carefully crafted to satisfy three key criteria: aesthetic, function and usability. That way you know every element works together seamlessly while enhancing the impact of your content.

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Crazy Dots jquery plugin

This plugin takes a few CSS3 techniques which are: rotate, border-radius, and linear-gradients to make an ajax loader like effect. The plugin works even with IE browsers(depends on jQuery 2D Transformation Plugin above)

UI Elements: Search Box with Filter and Large Drop Down Menu

A search box with a filter has a slick looking details. This search box will reveal a drop down menu after the user clicks into the input field when implemented to the page. With the filter built-in, users can select options for searching.

Cloud Zoom

Cloud Zoom is a jQuery image zoom plugin, a comparable alternative to products such as Magic Zoom. Compared to the popular jQZoom plugin, Cloud Zoom is smaller, has more features and more robust compatability across browsers.

Beautiful Photo Stack Gallery

A fresh idea for a photo gallery. The idea is to show the albums as a slider, but in the stack view. We can browse through the images by putting the top most image behind all the stack with a slick animation. However, the plugin works if you use a Webkit browser like Chrome or Safari because of some Webkit properties. However, if you use it together with jQuery 2D Transformation Plugin above, you won’t worry about cross browser compatibility anymore.

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