20 Amazing Nature Inspired Web Designs


It’s time to “go green” and N, this is not just about the environment (though we’d have to think that over as well). What I actually meant was to mention to all of you about nature-inspired website designs. Nature has always been a source of inspiration for artists, and as web designers fall under this category, it is also pretty inspiring for them too. Nature elements always look so fresh in web design and it just reminds you of spring even if you’re in the middle of a cold snowy winter. You visitors might find that visual peaceful environment they are looking for.

You can either choose the background image to be “natural” or go for elements inspired from Mother Nature (like icons, menu buttons etc.). Anyway the idea is to create something beautiful and let people see it so that they can be inspired to create something beautiful as well.

We hope these nature inspired web designs will help you create something of your own.

Nature Inspired Web Designs

Corina Ciripitca

A girl that lives through the lens of her camera - as this is the best way to see things as you want them to see. Born and raised in Moldova, now living in sunny Cyprus.

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