20+ Creative Logos Inspired by Houses

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Logos create a first impression and a strong impact on your future customers. This is how they will probably remember you – if you have an impressive logo or won’t be able to tell if they ever heard of your company or not once your logo is not that catchy.

That’s one thing to consider and needs more time to think about. It needs to send the right message, even if it doesn’t contain any typography. The graphics you choose for your logo need to stand out from the crowd and be easy to remember.

Ok, well enough about logo rules that you already probably know. What we would like to showcase in this article is the successful way logos were used to represent real estate agencies. Usually these are represented by houses and they are easy to recognize. This definitely sends the right message, plus if you do it in a creative way than it’s a score for you.

We hope you will enjoy this selection of logos that represent real estate agencies or any other companies related to selling or lending places to live.

House Logos


1 Comment
  1. Dezine Folio Apr 19, 1:43 pm

    All of them are very creative :)

    One thins is sure when you look at the logo with “house shape” that it is definitely related to “Real Estate” business and I think this easy-to-identify quality of real estate logos could make the job a little harder for logo designers because they must come up with outstanding logo that people will easily remember among 100s of the others.

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