20 Free Color Gradient Sets For Photoshop


Gradients are cool! I have noticed that so many times and that’s why I love them. Web designers should really focus on using them more as they give the design a certain shape and texture and in the end a nice optical illusion. That’s a really nice trick to use if you want your viewers to be amazed by your designs.

Playing with colors and shades is the secret of a successful optical illusion and you should really take that into consideration. Check out logos for instance, the gradient used on some of their design is the “secret ingredient” of their success. So, why not trying to use them as well in order to improve your logo or your website design? Photo editing softwares like Photoshop will help you use your gradient wherever you intend to use it.

We have selected a series of neat color gradients that you can use in Photoshop in order to create stunning designs.

Apple Gradients

PSD Photoshop Gradients

09 Web Style



Bold Gradient Pack

iPhone Gradation Set

Shattered Gradients

Adobe Photoshop Gradients

Web Style

BOLD gradient pack

Shattereds Gradients

51 Gradient Varieties



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