20+ Great Purple Websites For Your Inspiration

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They say purple is a strong and mysterious color. It is associated with both royalty and spirituality. Purple is a color usually fancied by very creative and eccentric people, hence if you would like to add up a touch of creativity to your web design, than purple is the answer.

Now it depends if you want to use just some purple elements in your design, or choose for all of it to be of a daring purple color.

The important thing is for you to feel good with this color and be confident in using it. In my opinion it is a strong color that describes a personality that is not afraid to share it, whether it’s about clothes, design or other things.

We hope you will like our showcase with purple designs and find inspiration in them for your own websites and designs.

Purple Websites


Chris Kaufman

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Forte Creative






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Kent Covenant Church



Shout Digital

Fuel my School

Fernando Sergio

Cleo Annex Salon



Corina Ciripitca

A girl that lives through the lens of her camera - as this is the best way to see things as you want them to see. Born and raised in Moldova, now living in sunny Cyprus.

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