Useful Digital Photography Tutorials, Techniques and Effects


Making a photo look almost as real as you see it in reality, adding color or correcting exposure – all of these and much more is available today by using different photography manipulation softwares. One of the most popular is Photoshop and it is definitely one of the most used today.

There are tons of things you could do to a photo, even if, once you took it, it doesn’t look that special. Some photographers even state that 80 percent of the effect a photo has on a viewer is about the way it has been edited. If, for example when you take a photo, you don’t have time to set the right exposure; you might be able to edit it and make it look right. Or, you can add different other effects that will make your photo stand out from the crowd.

One way to learn all of these is by watching tutorials – these are really helpful and make it easier for you to understand what you have to do. Check out this collection of photography tutorials and techniques that will hopefully help you.

Digital Photography

Painting with Light

Sunset Light to Light Portraits Effect

Two Tone Silhouette Effect

Photograph Water Drops

Photographing Car Light Trails

Macro Photography Tips

Manipulated Smoke Effect

Sabatier Effect

Escher’s Droste Effect

Dynamic Lighting Effect

Vintage Effect

Diorama Illusion Effect

Coloring a Black and White Image

Cinematic Portrait Effect

Lomo Photography

Infrared Photography

How to Create Professional HDR Images

Removing Objects From Photos

Exposure Blending Tutorial



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