25 Clean and Light Web Designs for Inspiration


One of the trends in web design that is still popular and used today is: keeping it simple. Minimalism is always in fashion and creating a light design is at the same time cool and challenging. It is nice because it looks really good, and it is challenging because it is pretty hard to decide on what elements are the most important and how to arrange them in a way for the design to look really simple and practical.

The correct use of typography and the correct alignment will help you get the light design you are opting for.  Not many people would dig this kind of design, but actually it’s the best for some themes in my opinion. It lets you concentrate on certain things and especially you can make your visitors concentrate on the objects or content you want.

This collection of clean and light web design might offer you the inspiration you are looking for. They have definitely inspired us!

Clean and Light Web Designs for Inspiration



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