35+ Clean Modern Brochures Examples

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The Conqueror

The Conqueror is a sophisticated brochure that exudes an image of confidence. It plays heavily on natural leather textures thereby giving an impression of luxury and chic. Inside you will find pages made on a high-quality paper that are spruced up with elements with letterpress effect. The content is neatly organized, and the coloring is soft and pastel.


Mosaic looks modern and urban. It has a rather minimal structure yet the artist is managed to display all the data, harmoniously balancing text and images. Neutral coloring supported by plenty of white space lets naturally focus readers’ attention on important issues and not bombard users with visuals.

Buy Premium Brochures

4 page corporate brochure A4

Four-page corporate brochure has a classic layout presented in an A4 format that effectively displays various sorts of the content. It is intended to cover both textual and graphical data. It is delivered with such vital characteristics as

  • CMYK color mode;
  • trims and bleeds;
  • styles that are ready to be printed;
  • extra styles for paragraphs;
  • basic Arial font;
  • layered components that can be quickly edited in Adobe Illustrator.

Portfolio Booklet (12 pages)

Portfolio booklet pulls its identity from an inventive and inexhaustible nature of creatives. The design is based on an asymmetrical layout and has a slightly messy appearance with a strong geometric vibe. Its aim is to provide you with a proper instrument for showcasing your portfolio on a paper medium. It has

  • 12 pages;
  • multiple color schemes;
  • bleeds;
  • 300 dpi images;
  • CMYK mode;
  • grid and baseline grid that are used for aligning the content;
  • InDesign CS3 and Pdf files.

6 page modern brochure

Six-page Modern Brochure has a content-intensive design. Nevertheless, it wonderfully incorporates images making them a part of a background and main visual driving force. Although you can always change coloring in Photoshop, yet the default one that employs neutral matching shades is eye-pleasing and harmonious and establishes businesslike atmosphere. So that if you are up to strengthening corporate brand identity, all you have to do is to place your text and send it to the print device.

Case Study Booklet (8 pages)

Case study booklet reveals information on A4 paper in a landscape mode. It ships with all the integral features and even more. The product includes

  • 16 inner pages;
  • bleeds and trim;
  • styles for paragraphs;
  • accented color that can be easily changed;
  • grid for neat formatting and alignment;
  • CMYK coloring.

Use InDesign to alter the template.

Tri Fold Brochure

Tri-Fold Brochure is a simple and ordinary template that has a plain structure and basic layout. Since it was created with business professionals in mind, it exudes an image of reliability, and seriousness. There are no artistic twists, only properly balanced design, neutral color scheme, plenty of text blocks, clean look and perfect alignment.

Pro TriFold

Pro Tri-Fold has a classic feeling especially in default color scheme that makes use of calm, serene blue and neutral white and black. The text is easily scannable, titles strike the eye, and images harmoniously interact with the rest of the design. It is print-ready, employs CMYK color mode and can be quickly customized in Photoshop.

Get Minimal

Get minimal can do an excellent job of advertising you or your agency in real life. With 16 carefully created pages, it gives you an opportunity to open up your potential and shed the light on all the key factors. A variety of layouts and predefined styles let you easily compose the desired booklet and print it right away.

8 Pages Brochure

Eight-page brochure is an excellent print-based instrument for supporting your store. It can be used for displaying products to keep interest alive. With a bulk of professionally organized and styled pages, you will be able to direct the attention to the new collection without hitch. It is focused on images so that every page has specially prepared places for them and an area for a brief description.

Portfolio Book

Portfolio book is aimed to help express your personality and show your best works. It creates buzz around your experience and makes your professional skills clear and bright. It skillfully organizes data and gives the images a dominant position. The bold and artistic typography bears a particular charm.

Generic Company Case Study

Generic Company Case Study

The project is created to display annual reports or local statistics in an engaging way. It comes with

  • front and back cover;
  • two inside pages;
  • four color schemes;
  • bleeds;
  • two-column layout;
  • ample space;
  • classic formatting.

Although you are limited in available pre-made pages, yet it does not look oversimplified and plain at all. The template in each color option looks beautiful and eye-pleasing, so that you do not need drastic modifications.

Professional Company Profile Brochure (10 pages)

Professional Company Profile Brochure is delivered with ten pages that are styled and formatted according to modern requirements. The template is ready to be print and includes

  • standard 3 mm bleeds;
  • CMYK mode;
  • extra PSD file with a fully layered components and properly titled folders;
  • and, front and back cover.

Everything is stick to a grid system that keeps all elements together and balances the data.


The way you represent information about products, agency, deal and even event is very important since it can go unnoticed, and all your efforts will be wasted. Offline means used in such tasks such as brochures are still relevant and powerful. They help to find potential clients, establish new connections and draw the attention to products.

We have covered various sorts of brochures: classic trifold, multi-page brochure and magazine-inspired booklet. All of them have a unique design, perfect formatting, high-quality accompanying images, tiny eye-catching twists, favorable general atmosphere and powerful impression. Even on their own they play a significant role in strengthening brand identity and promoting business. We hope we provide you with enough resources to create the desired brochure.

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