25+ Clean Portfolio Web Designs for Inspiration


Portfolio designs are probably the most difficult to create for a web designer. They have to showcase your work, your abilities and the design itself has to be pretty and neat – to attract the right attention. It is a challenge indeed – to make the design that would showcase your own designs look perfect.

It’s kind of like a resume, a graphic one where people can see your abilities and what you are good at. Plus it’s a great marketing strategy – this is your chance to sell yourself and your work and this is definitely an important thing if you want to make money with your designs.

You can either choose a minimalist plain web design for your portfolio – this might highlight your works so that no major attention to the background is needed. Or you can go for a richer and exquisite look with expressive design elements – this way you can highlight your skills in creating a good design even for your own designs.

If you are looking for some inspiration to make your own portfolio, check out these samples of great portfolio designs – we are sure they will help you a lot. If you are in a state of desperate creative search – then this is your savior.

Portfolio Web Design Examples





Creative Agency for Emerging Media

Deliciously Creative

James Deer Design



Ola Syse


Brett Chaney


Veronica Wallstrom

Studio Breakfast

John Likens

Square Box Studio

Read & Destroy

J. Pink Design


Usman Group

Simon Corry


Shyama Golden



  1. Nikole Gipps Mar 16, 11:45 pm

    A lot of these have nice design sure, but they seem to be caught up in the design and have no marketing going.

  2. Rik Hopkinson Mar 17, 1:51 am

    Really nice collection. They all have a clean, modern and minimal feel. It’s hard competition out there and you do get many similar elements throughout… It’s all about the quality and pixel perfection for me ;)) cheers!

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