25+ Inspiring iPad App Websites Design Examples

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With the new iPad on the market, Apple doesn’t forget about apps to load it with. The good thing about the iPad is that it’s really comfortable to take it anywhere you go whether it’s about traveling, camping or just resting in the park.

Besides it having some features close to a computer, there are also tons of applications available for the iPad that you can enjoy in your free time, some of them being really nicely done.

Whether it’s reading your favorite magazine, playing different games, drawing or editing music and photos – you name it! With the big selection of apps, all you have to do is just pick the ones you like and enjoy them on your iPad. I personally love the new Garageband app on iPad 2, where you can create your own music – seems to be pretty creative and fun!

We have selected 25+ websites where you can find different applications for your iPad and download them. We are waiting for your reviews on the applications and let us know which one’s your favorite.

iPad App Websites Designs

Free Form


Yahoo Entertainment

Baby Decks


Converter Plus

Tab Tool Kit


Game Table


Sous Chef

Tweet Deck



Domino Box


Night Stand HD


iStudiez Pro







1 Comment
  1. TheKoolDots Mar 18, 1:30 am

    I’ve been debating as if I should take the plunge and buy an iPad. Since I have a laptop I thought what’s the point, it just a big iPhone (which I have) plus for the money to get 3g services I could use that towards getting another Mac Book Pro.

    Checking out these application, has change my attitude in this regard. I’m a Mac Junkie as it is anyway and with this I can justify the purchase (with my wife).

    Thanks for the info,

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