25 Stunning Photoshop Brush Packs for Light Effects


In design, as in other visual subjects, one important thing is to care if your design is going to have the right aesthetic look. It is also important for it to catch attention and stand out from all the other designs. This is why designers use their imagination mixed with several tricks that create certain visual illusions.

Whether it’s about fancy graphics, stunning typography or creative web layouts – you have to pull some strings in order to get the right design. In order to impress you will need to look for an effect that would help you. In this case, it’s light effect we are talking about. They can be easily created in Photoshop by using the so-called light effect brushes. You will have to download these brushes and let your imagination flow while checking them out.

Here, we have selected a few of lots of them available on the Internet. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Photoshop Brush Packs for Light Effects



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