30 Creative Resume (CV) Designs for Inspiration


Some time ago we have posted an article containing information on how to correctly write a resume. The content of your resume is definitely very important, but you should also care about its looks. Remember that this is the first thing that a potential employer will see about you and a good impression is essential. Moreover if you are a designer, then your resume should definitely be as creative as your portfolio is.

You cannot use your CV just like a tool to store information and showcase it to your future employers from time to time. It’s time to think out of the box and get creative, do something that will make people appreciate your creativity and get inspired to create something as well. I have recently discovered some amazing samples of creatively designed resumes, and I was truly amazed. I have decided to go creative as well, after seeing these and hope you will too!

Resume (CV) Design Examples

Resume by heydani

Resume by xiruxiru

Rei’s Resume by Rei-pash

Resume by Kyuzengi

My Recent Resume by pixelprop

My Resume by darthkix

Resume Updated by twolapdesigns

icART resume by icasialnrdy

Resume by Akashrine

Resume by puziah

Personal Resume 2010 by heeeeman

Resume by ILICarrieDoll

Server Resume by rkaponm

Resume by tenbiscuits

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  1. bkah Mar 8, 12:15 pm

    i think its a good thing you try make people believe these are good cv’s that means i’ll have more of a chance to get a job, with everyone making unreadable cv’s that you just can’t be bothered to read or can becasue there is so much crap in it. well done keep it up!

  2. Jason Mar 9, 3:52 am

    This is more like a list of the top 30 resumes that will end up in the garbage. There is no room for garish vulgarity in a resume or CV. Trust me, keep it simple – Let your experience and background do the talking.

  3. ralph zoontjens Mar 10, 9:18 pm

    I like a couple of them a lot. But..most of these are not very good to say the least indeed. Whoever wants to be great these days at least has to understand modernism as well and incorporate it, not just rebel against it in unacceptance. I would say, read some more Tufte. And then try to go beyond it, not against it. Make yourself ready for it. Choose to understand the great minds of the past. Internalize. Most of this is the senseless visual bombardments and ‘look-at-me-i-am-cool’ness of the typical young mind.

    There, I have spoken :D

    • Rahmah Mar 11, 6:12 pm

      Agree, and I think from content, for a resume it’s better we don’t need to reveal personal information such as; religion, marital status, things that there’s nothing to do with creative job.
      Resume by heydani is my favorite one.

  4. Seriously Mar 12, 4:38 pm

    Wow seriously? Why so many negative comments? This is just another form of showing your skillset and stepping outside the standards… These are most likely a personal project and I’m sure if they have any since they would have a typical resume for the negative close minded people (like above)

    Overall I got some ideas from them and will be making one today as a option from the standard resume I have

    Geez…. Lol

  5. Hailey Mar 13, 9:07 pm

    What a small world, that you would find my resume and put it here! It’s funny, that piece I did for a class project for a creative resume, but of course never used it for actually applying for a job. And now it looks so old (since then I’ve changed so much!)

    Anyway, I’m now happily employed as an art director at a publication right out of college… so all of these negative comments seem pretty harsh. I think people creative enough to create interesting resumes are smart enough to know when to present a creative resume and when to go the standard route. Sheesh people!

    Thanks for the feature! Maybe I ought to post my more updated resume, so it doesn’t look so weak by comparison to some of these others. :D

  6. diara Jul 21, 9:41 am

    I think some of them are good, but honestly they are only applicable to art, designer positions. Try to send it out for other job positions and trust me they will be thrown out. Nothing against the designs above, I bet everyone has put in a lot of hard work in putting them together…

    But I’m just saying, it won’t work for other job positions…Don’t agree with me…try it!

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