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30+ Excellent Digital Art Painting Tutorials and Techniques


Digital painting is pretty hard to master as you need to know special techniques and practice a lot in order to get the result you want. It is much easier to draw something with your own hand, given the fact that you can actually do that and have certain skills.

The good thing about digital painting is that you will simply need special software like Photoshop for instance, and the right brushes that are included in it. Once you have all these, you will also need to know the special techniques that need to be applied in order to get the effect you want.

There are a lot of tutorials, including video tutorials that can give you directions, but in the end you will have to practice a lot, because these will teach you do something by using just samples.

These tutorials will help you learn how to paint in Photoshop and will give you tips what brushes you should better use to achieve certain effects.

Digital Art Painting Tutorials

Liberate Your Colours

The Making of Boudicca

Meeting of Land and Water

Do You Want To Play with Me?

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Create a Website

Making of Pandora

Making of Lida

The Making of Fresh Meat

Making of Three Lines

Making of Transformers

Alexiuss’ Digital Painting Tutorial

Spacecraft Prototyping

The Making of Spider Harp

Red Assassin Digital Painting Tutorial

Making of Beauty on the Bed

Digital Illustration Workflow

Abstract Dragon

Paint a Sexy Siren

New School Pinup Art

Making of Superbad

Making of Funfair

How to Draw a Digital Portrait by Joshua Bolduc

How to Draw a Realistic Eye by Elna Bastiansen

Painting Really Old People by Edana

Concept Car

Advanced Tutorial: Creating ‘Broken Link’

Video Tutorial: Painting Little Panda Girl by Rodny Mella, China

Making of Spanish Girl by David Munoz Velazquez

Making of the Lady Bird by Sophia

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