30+ Inspiring Dark (Black) Web Designs


I was browsing the Internet the other day and somehow I ended up reading an article about the meaning of colors. So when I read the meaning of “black”, it said: black is a dark mysterious color, in some cultures representing something evil and powerful. And that’s how I remembered reading somewhere about Dark Web Design and did some research on that. It ended up to be not that evil, but they were right about it being mysterious and powerful.

Apparently black is really popular in web design and it has a creative and elegant appeal when it comes to choosing the color palette for a website. Now of course it is not suitable for any kind of website and might even lead to less appeal from visitors and problems with readability.

However it is perfect for image galleries let’s say – color and b&w pictures look great on black and the eye focuses on the picture only, without any distractions on the background.

But I am sure dark web design is perfect for any other types of website if you want to highlight the content, while keeping a minimalist elegant style. Check out our selection of some fabulous Dark Web Design samples that we’ve carefully picked to keep you inspired.

Dark (Black) Web Designs

Blissfully Aware

Circus Family

Old State Blog

Black Estate Vineyard

Your Majesty

Leah Haggar

Old State


Visual Box

Pound & Grain


Fluxar Studios

Chuan Film

Born with Design



David Fooks

Westbrook Brewing

Dead Pixel Studio

Corking Design

Jet Cooper


Natalie Sklobovskaya


Black Estate



Jasper Aarts



  1. Oliver Jan 20, 3:26 am

    I love those dark elegant textures, that’s why I use them myself on my upcoming project.

  2. Dave Thomas Jan 20, 10:05 am

    There is a real trend right now of good black designs for iPhone and iPad apps. This is quite a good one

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