33 Dazzling and Creative Photography Examples Using the Polar Panorama Effect

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Photoshop is a great source to create anything you can ever imagine. You can really think of anything that you can visualize and then just add some technical skills and voila – the picture in your mind is on your computer and you can even share it with lots of other people.  I personally think that the polar panorama effect used on panoramic photos is one of the most impressive things that you can do to your photos. Panoramas have always been a special type of photography – they are not boring and add some eccentric spice to your photo albums.

Polar panorama effect however is much more fun that the simple panoramic view. Also called the Wee Planets or the Tiny Planets it literally looks like a small planet and you would never say that it’s the photo you maybe took outside your house. The good thing is that this effect is easy to reproduce and you can find lots of tutorials on the Internet that could help you with this technique.

So if others have done it, I bet you guys can try it also, and see the great results you will get. Check out some examples of photos that have been edited using the polar panorama effect , that might inspire you!

Polar Panorama Effect


1 Comment
  1. Jose Sep 3, 12:02 am

    Esos minimundos obviamente no están hechos solos con el Polar Panorama Effect. La penultima foto es la que se acerca mas a la realidad de como resulta ocupar el filtro:el resto de los ejemplos esta manipulado con otros filtros, e incluso leí por ahí que hay lentes que ayudan mucho en la factoría de minimundos.

    Ps es una plataforma genial, pero no es llegar y ocupar el filtro de Polar Panorama Effect y listo, tengo un minimundo perfecto.

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