35 Amazing HDR Photos of 35 World Cities


If you want to make sure for your picture to look more dramatic and add a bit of mystery to it – one tip would be to turn it into an HDR. It’s amazing how this effect could turn a simple and sometimes boring picture into a piece of art that you want to see and analyze.

Let’s take urban photos for instance – the thing is that HDR can make an apparently ugly city with weird buildings look absolutely amazing. However it is important not to overdo it, as it might look unnatural.

Today we have decided to showcase 35 amazing HDR photos of 35 cities from all over the world. You might notice that if it’s your city, or that if you have visited it, it will have a totally different image as an HDR photo. Some photographers dedicate their whole work to this special type of photography and here, you have a chance to appreciate them. Hope you will get a generous dose of inspiration and enjoy the photos below!

HDR Photos

Santiago, Chile

Amsterdam, Holland

Lisbon, Portugal

Moscow, Russia

Dublin, Ireland

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cairo, Egypt

Düsseldorf, Germany

Naples, Italy

Marrakech, Morocco

Warsaw, Poland

Stockholm, Sweden

Bruxelles, Belgium

Denver, USA

Asturias, Brazil

Bangkok, Thailand

Tokyo, Japan

Vancouver, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Long Beach, USA

Louisville, USA

Boston, USA

Chicago, USA

Paris, France

Rome, Italy

Venice, Italy

Athens, Greece

Reykjavik, Iceland

Brisbane, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Frankfurt, Germany

Monaco, Monaco

Ávila, Spain


  1. Paul Clift Feb 24, 5:34 am

    Some of these are awful. The Cairo one for example. What is the point of trying high dynamic range if half the sky is blown out?

    The Monaco and Sydney ones on the other hand are great.

  2. Hal (RSA) Feb 24, 4:24 am

    I absolutely loved those pics. I recently discovered HDR and have been attempting to do some with cars. Nothing as good as these photographers yet though. Wow!

  3. TimMH Feb 24, 10:32 am

    I personally have to agree with Paul, some of these shots are really quite poor, over saturated, blurry… simple not on the same level as some other HDR shots I have seen in the past.

    Like Paul I agree the Sydney Opera house shot is well executed.

    However, not a huge fan of HDR in the first place…

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