35+ Beautiful Mini Business Cards for Inspiration

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Let’s talk about mini business cards for instance. We all know that this is a really good way to promote whatever you do and people might remember you easily if your card isn’t just another boring business card in their stock. In order to do that you could think about the design of your card, or go beyond the traditional sizing limits and make your cards bigger or smaller.

The perfect choice would be miniature business cards. These are not so common anyway and you can really stand out from the crowd by having them.

There are some people that would do anything to stand out from the crowd and be different. Put on some clothes that would express their personalities or make a tattoo or something. In design, some people like to be different also; hence they find ways to impress their viewers with different creative stuff they make. It also goes for promoting your business.

There are several traditional ways you can adopt, or, if you are creative enough you can definitely find your own ways to do that.

Once you choose to have mini business cards, you have to think of the perfect design that would be right for them, in order for the right information to fit in; otherwise they might end up being useless.

Hopefully this list of mini business cards will inspire you to create your own size and design and impress your future clients. Check out online printing company UPrinting.com for all your UPrinting business cards printing needs.

Mini Business Cards


1 Comment
  1. Kenny Tan Apr 14, 6:05 am

    Nice. Very inspirational. Actually a question to ask – what is your take on off sized business cards? Sometimes during networking sessions when I receive one that doesn’t fit into my card holder, it tends to go into the bin first!

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