35+ Beautiful Mini Business Cards for Inspiration

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Let’s talk about mini business cards for instance. We all know that this is a really good way to promote whatever you do and people might remember you easily if your card isn’t just another boring business card in their stock. In order to do that you could think about the design of your card, or go beyond the traditional sizing limits and make your cards bigger or smaller.

The perfect choice would be miniature business cards. These are not so common anyway and you can really stand out from the crowd by having them.

There are some people that would do anything to stand out from the crowd and be different. Put on some clothes that would express their personalities or make a tattoo or something. In design, some people like to be different also; hence they find ways to impress their viewers with different creative stuff they make. It also goes for promoting your business.

Looking for a Print Design Solution? Try Print Peppermint

We mostly talk about web design here at Designmodo, but we understand that a good number of you also design items that have to be printed.

From business cards to banners or buttons to stickers or brochures, almost every designer is tasked with creating something tangible at some point. And knowing exactly where to send these jobs so you get a great product back is key.

Enter Print Peppermint. It’s a print and design shop for creative businesses. Here’s how it works with an exclusive discount for Designmodo readers so you can try Print Peppermint for yourself.

What is Print Peppermint?

Print Peppermint is an online print shop that prints everything using 100% offset presses, so you’ll get superior print jobs. Compare this to most online printers that use digital presses. (That’s the difference between being able to feel what’s on the paper and a copy that you can make on a home machine.)

Quality print jobs are what can set your brand or product out from all the other clutter out there. If you want to actually feel the difference, Print Peppermint will send you a sample pack that includes business cards, stickers, postcards, flyers, magnets, buttons, and more for just $1 shipped.

Print Peppermint will print all kinds of items and has a massive selection of card stock options to choose from, including popular options like ultra thick, brown kraft, suede, clear plastic, pearl shimmer, as well as custom options. So you can see they print on more than just paper.

They offer quick turnaround times — great for those last-minute jobs — and free USA shipping. Even with the top quality print options, prices are competitive with many of the other online options.

Products We Love

The biggest question is what will you order first? Here are a few we think you’ll really like. (And can probably use right away.)

  • Business cards: Everyone needs business cards. Print Peppermint’s cards use a premium paper selection (you can choose from 12 options), feature full-color front and back printing, and have optional finishes that will make your card stand out (foiling, die-cuts, embossing, or spot UV, among others). What makes these cards stand out is the number of options available. Most printers can do a couple of these things but not all of them. If you’ve wanted to try something new with your cards, start here. All cards, standard and mini, are printed in full color and are double-sided on eco-friendly paper with soy-based inks.
  • Mini business cards: One of the bigger trends in business card design is to use mini cards. This is a great option for freelancers who might not want to put as much information on a card or wants something that really stands out. Mini cards come in a standard 1.5-inch by 3.5-inch design, but you can order any custom size. Mini cards also work for square business cards (2 inches by 2 inches). Unlike other prints, mini business cards can also be die cut to any shape. The only limit here is your imagination.
  • Custom stickers: Everyone loves a cool sticker. They are great banding tools that people put on anything from laptop cases to water bottles. Print Peppermint can handle vinyl and indoor label stock in pretty much any shape or die cut. (They work great for product packaging as well.)

Key Reasons to Use Print Peppermint

Print Peppermint is a one-stop design & print shop.

Top reasons to try Print Peppermint include:

  • Print using 100% offset presses, not digital
  • Amazing quality with 500 lines per inch screen depth
  • Everything is printed on recycled or partially recycled paper with soy-based inks
  • Endless choice of premium paper stocks
  • Ability to get custom complex finishes like foil stamping, die cutting, embossing, letterpress printing, edge painting, and more
  • Free shipping on all USA and Canada orders
  • Award-winning in-house design team that consults with each client in order to optimize files for perfect printing
  • Design team that can also produce a custom design on your behalf with packages that anyone can afford, and it comes with a quality guarantee
  • Large selection of printed products including business cards, postcards, flyers, stickers, banners, invitations, labels, hang tags, brochures, buttons, greeting cards, magnets
  • Amazing customer service, just ask some of the customers who have reviewed them

Special Discount

Print Peppermint has a special discount for just for Designmodo fans.

Use code DesignModoLovesPeppermints! for 15% off your order. The code does not expire, but you can only use it one time. Happy shopping!

There are several traditional ways you can adopt, or, if you are creative enough you can definitely find your own ways to do that.

Once you choose to have mini business cards, you have to think of the perfect design that would be right for them, in order for the right information to fit in; otherwise, they might end up being useless.

Hopefully, this list of mini business cards will inspire you to create your own size and design and impress your future clients.

Mini Business Cards Examples

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