Awesome Examples of Photorealistic 3D Car Models

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One of the most interesting and the realistic innovations of the 21st century is the 3D modeling and designing. In the 3D sphere, a high level of creation of the 3D artworks has been created by the CG artists and car modeling is always a popular trend. The outcome is so realistic that sometimes, you might tend to get confused is you are looking at a computer-generated picture or a photograph. With this technology, one can design an imaginary product or project and could reveal exactly how you want it to be. There are several conditions for creating a photorealistic car model using 3D technology.

Before creating a car model, first, choose what type of car you want to design and then use the “Box Modeling” process. By using the various tools, the car could be created exactly as you wish. With the animation, depth and the movement, the 3D technology enables you to create horizons. Thus, 3D is considered as an excellent way to display your imaginations or ideas into appealing visual concepts. Some of the important aspects to be considered for a 3D image are the detailed model, color, lighting, texture, the balance of Entourage, getting the right angle and the transparency to achieve better results.

The texture of a model or a design makes it look realistic and thus complies with your dream model. The lighting is the second most important aspect of 3D and it is providing the lighting to your reflections, shadows, shade and environment. It develops an emotional mood and could be one of the challenging tasks for an artist. The light refraction and the transparency make your image look very real with its elements. Another important factor is getting the right angle which should be very accurate and viewable from all directions. There should be a balance of entourage of all the elements for a realistic rendering.

Creating or building a model of car or any other project is quite a difficult and an intensive task. The perfection could be achieved only if there is a rigorous analysis of all the details of the project. You should have a powerful processor and a computer to develop excellent 3D models. Thus, study a real photo thoroughly before getting into designing a 3D model of that image. The 3D has become very popular in almost all the professional fields and it mainly serves as prototypes for the products in real world like cars, buildings, materials, etc.

Photorealistic 3D Car Models

Wolsvagen Scirocco R

Audi A6

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Formula GP2

Epsilon dream car

Corvette Stingray


BMW Z8 Roadster


Before the race

Beetle – 1963

Audi R8-1

Audi R8

Audi R8

Audi A5 GTR


1969 Camaro Mild Custom

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