4 WordPress Plugins to Display and Highlight Code within your Blog


There is nothing better than a good explanation to something you don’t get. Let’s talk about coding for example. It is a pretty tough subject per se, but even more complicated when explained to others. The best way to visualize something is by structuring your code, so that people will get what you have written down.

If you are a blogger, and you have tried to post a sample of your code in a post on your blog, you probably noticed that the code you post is pretty unreadable and it is hard to understand it. Fortunately this problem has been fixed by the appearance of certain plugins that display and highlight the code, so this is not an issue anymore. Once you use this plug in your blog, it will automatically structure the code in a way that it will be easy to read and understand. So that you can explain it easier to your visitors.

We have selected a series of plugins that work on WordPress blogs. We hope they will help you solve this issue.

WordPress Plugins to Display and Highlight Code

WP Chili

Sniplets Plugin

FV Code Highlighter




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