40+ Creative Vector Wallpapers on DeviantArt


“I should change my desktop wallpaper, I really got bored of this one” – isn’t that what comes to your mind from time to time? But then again you have to think about which one would look good on your desktop. We think a good choice would be vector wallpapers.

Vector graphics is one of the most popular techniques used on the market today by many digital artists worldwide. First of all they look really nice, sharp, colorful and detailed plus there are plenty of themes to choose from – I am sure you’ll love them as they suit each and every taste. Depending on your screen resolution these wallpapers will look really good and surely inspire you in your work.

We have rounded up to selecting 40+ wallpapers that we liked best, thus if you choose all of them you could have a new one on your desktop every day for one month! They were creatively and skillfully made by talented artists so just enjoy and get inspired!

Vector Wallpapers



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