40+ Examples of Big Backgrounds in Web Design


Trends in web design come and go and change with the wind. What seems to be popular today might not be so appealing tomorrow. Designers should always keep up with this rhythm. In the end they are the ones who dictate these trends.

One of the latest trends in web design for example is using big pictures in the background. These add up an interesting appeal to the website. It also adds up visual interest and attracts the eye of the viewer. However be sure to use it right. Some designs are totally screwed up because of this; hence this trend is used only because it is trendy at the moment.

Big background pictures can be used when the website refers to a certain domain or theme, while it might be totally unsuitable for other websites. Remember that background pictures in web design are usually used to create an atmosphere and to send a message; if this is not necessarily needed with the help of a picture than you should better avoid it.

This is a collection showcasing websites that have successfully used big background pictures. Enjoy!

Big Backgrounds in Web Design

8th Continent

Compal International


Hotel Rottnest

Image Now


Lonely Tweet

Food Inc. Movie

Bently Reserve


Immersive Garden

Hangar Door

Raven at Lora Bay

Morphix Design


Aussie Bbq Legends




David Mullett

Oh! Nena

Resto Hull

Sid Lee

Creative Spaces

Facundo Almeyra Portfolio

VAAI Design Studio



Design House Stockholm

Free Agent Depot

The Squad

Medis Bar

Paul Smith

Studio Tilt



Sur La Piste – Carlos

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Stephan Siegrist


  1. Dade Feb 9, 5:55 am

    Most of these sites have one glaring issue. Yes, huge backgrounds on the main page but the internal pages are just so bland. I always get upset when I see these beautiful home pages, with no soul on the internal pages. They always leave me with the sense the site isn’t really finished yet.

    Someone should remind these designers if you’re going to start big, you should end big. There are ways to work in large backgrounds on the internal pages too people! We are creative, and the whole site needs some design love, not just the front page.


  2. Melbourne Web Design Aug 27, 9:12 am

    I used to think big backgrounds would cause the site visitor to fail to notice what was important on the page. Having tested it on one or two sites I have begun to change my mond. The visitors certainly stay longer, so I think they do work.

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