Free and Premium 404 Error Page HTML Website Templates

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In the field of website designing, everyday something newer and better is being innovated. Professionals are creating brilliant designs for websites. Even for the 404 error pages, there are some great website templates and layouts in the market. We all know that 404 error page is very much important for any website. These 404 error pages help you to show errors pages and posts in your site. Nowadays, you can avail premium 404 error page HTML website templates and layouts for free.

These 404 error pages are created by professional website designers and developed by experts of this field. So it becomes obvious that they are unique in look and come with great functionalities. These high quality 404 error pages can be yours at anytime. The main feature of these pages is they are not like the traditional error pages; with a message “page cannot be found” in a pale, unexciting and boring pattern. Now with the help of the latest creative ideas and better tools these pages can look more beautiful and attractive. There are 404 error pages that contain site search forms, the contact information of the site and many more other information.

You don’t need to hit the “back” button while visiting such an error page through browsing through a particular site. You can go to your desired page directly from these kinds of 404 error pages. There are options to go to the “home” “about” or “contact” pages as well. These new premium 404 error page templates and layouts come in vibrant colors. They help you to offer to your viewers, a colorful and bright looking error page instead of a dull one and make it attractive to them even if they encounter with any type of errors while navigating your site.

These premium 404 error page HTML website templates and layouts are sought-after by every website owners and companies since they can have it for free. Moreover, visitors will enjoy visiting such innovative and creative sites where even the error pages look so great! Most of these pages are ready for any kind of common HTTP errors that could be found in a website. Error pages with links to other pages and link to your social profiles or working contacts make your website a highly professional one.  So forget about those old and obsolete error pages that were the source to a lot of frustration for the visitors; enjoy these new, creative and exclusive error pages.

Free 404 Error Page HTML Website Templates

404 Error Template

The template has a typical structure with a beautiful twist in design. An expressive typeface with a techno vibe that is used to indicate the type of error (as a default it is 404, though you can use it easily for any other sort of error page) adds a spicy note. The layout is split into two parts to laconically cover all the relevant information such as a search field, social media buttons, content and some helpful links. The freebie consists of a well-organized PSD file and JPEG preview image.

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Modern Error Template

Modern Error Template looks pretty similar to the previous example, especially in terms of the arrangement of data. However, while the first sample has a playful note, this one exudes an image of elegance and stylishness. As befits, along with a message which indicates that users are got lost, the mockup also houses predefined areas for incorporating extra information such as links, social media buttons, search input. It is delivered as a PSD file so that you can quickly customize it to your needs.

Premium 404 Error Page HTML Website Templates

TheLoop Error Page Template

This simplistic yet good-looking and lightweight theme comes with such vital features as

  • five color schemes (green, red, blue, yellow and orange);
  • five error types (401,403,404,500,503);
  • full browser compatibility including all the popular devices from Chrome to IE;
  • a set of small fancy animations based on CSS3;
  • PSD file for further customizations.

It has a geek-inspired vibe that adds a particular zest to the project.

Lost in Space – Error 404

The theme instantly creates the right feel for the page. It has an amusing factor achieved with the help of skillful manipulations with photos and funny remarks that lightens up the atmosphere and brightens up the user’s mood.

Although the template is delivered just in one style, there are no optional color choices; nevertheless, it is an ideal solution if you want to get your readers stay when something goes wrong. The author has included two editable PSD files for those of you who still feels like making some enhancements.

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Lost in the Clouds – Error 404

Created by the same author as the previous sample, this original and inventive 404 error page also gives users something worth staying for. The template is made in a form of a classic airplane ticket that visually supports the title of the page ‘Lost in the cloud’. Being fully responsive, it covers website’s weak points across various devices. An animated background is a fantastic touch that strengthens the general impression. The characteristic traits of the product are

  • PSD files;
  • clean, valid and fully commented HTML5 code;
  • pictogram icons.

Custom 404 Error Page – Missing Jigsaw Piece

Ships with two skins (light and dark), valid HTML5 file, CSS3-powered animations, and documentation, this flexible and quickly adaptive template with one-column structure is the best match for making your corporate website feel approachable, friendly and welcoming.

Thanks to some embossed effect applied to text, lettering ideally blends in textured background and draws the attention.

Although the tremendous message of ‘404 error’ is certainly a focal point, however, information that is placed below with a ‘back to home’ button and search field also have a visual weight.

Save me – 404 Error Page

The mockup claims to be friendly and intuitive thanks to creative design and some inventive tricks. A huge, sleek 3D button that is placed in the heart of the page is the first thing that gets noticed.

It features a fresh take on a common link that leads to the homepage. Coupled with primary navigation and search field it lets users quickly come back on the right track. Although the layout is fixed, however, it is supported by all the modern browsers as well as looks great on monitors and tablets.

Stylish 404 error page – 5 color schemes

The design maintains a bit simplistic feel, even with a witty giant emoticon in the right side. Thanks to some subtle details such as patterned background, ribbon with 404 sign on the top left corner and sleek, well-groomed buttons, the page boasts of a pleasant and tasteful aesthetics. Everything tries to save users from feeling frustrated.

If you are not delighted with the default gray skin, you can choose among other four options, including pink, green, yellow and purple. There are also 3 error labels and PSD file.

ak – 404 error pages

The product pleases users with eight different color variations including standard red and gray and amusing pink and purple.

The structure is fairly traditional: there is just a single column fixed layout with a carefully spaced out content that takes up the whole screen. It houses such essential elements as the navigation menu and search input.

With a valid XHTML file, you can easily expand the functionality by adding necessary components. What’s more, you can also edit it regarding design, just use well-structured PSD file. The theme is supported by modern browsers.

Modern Error Page Template 25 in 1

Modern Error Page Template 25 in 1 promises to be a great instrument with numerous customization options and several skin variations. While the static part of the UI that by the way, is well-thought-out looks elegant and polished, the animated part that includes dynamic jQuery-based navigation reinforces the general effect.

Comes with five skins (purple, blue, red, green and orange) and five labels for error codes it equips owners with 25 different combinations. However, if you still require another design you can make adjustments in PSD file and then transfer the changes in CSS file that are available in the package.


The crucial features of any error page, whether it is a widespread 404 or rare 505, are elements that can help users to come back or find another way round. The templates quite often include ‘back to home’ button, search field, main navigation menu, links to other pages and, of course, a small widget with social media buttons.

With all these stuff on board, those who got lost will feel entirely comfortable. Another important factor is a design that should also instill a sense of welcoming atmosphere rather than repulsive and cold feeling inherent to white screens of default error pages. Each listed above example is a harmonious symbiosis of these two important aspects.

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