55+ Inspiring Examples Of Single-Letter Logo Designs

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What makes a company or a website distinct from others, and stand out from the crowd is – its logo of course. This is one of the most important things to be considered when starting a business.

Logos can be different – starting with just the name of the company written with a special font, or a graphic icon that represents the business. However as the design of the logo is really important, one of the most successful techniques is to use single-letter logos. These are easy to remember, appealing to the crowd and can really make it easier for you to get spotted.

One thing that should be considered when designing a single-letter logo is simplicity. Don’t overdo the design of your logo but make it simple and neat – something that would represent your business or your name.

Follow the example of the world’s most known brands. Anyone could easily say it’s McDonalds when spotting that big yellow “M”.

Of course it’s also about the promotion of your business but until then – you have to worry about the perfect logo. I know it might sound hard to think of something really simple but at the same time significant, that’s why, if you feel like you have inspirational deficiency today then you should check out this list of really good and creative single letter logos. Hopefully this will help! We recommend you to read the Origami Inspired Logo Designs.

Single-Letter Logo Designs

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  1. joel Feb 2, 12:27 am

    Could be cool to see an A-Z version of single letter logos. It’s good to see such creativity stripped back to one letter/theme.

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