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8 Lovely Art Sites to Inspire Creativity


Looking for inspiration as you make your own website? Check out these eight lovely arts and culture websites that are sure to spark your visual creativity.

When making your own website, getting familiar with the latest trends in contemporary art and design can do wonders for your creativity.  Exposing yourself to new visual ideas and models will keep your own web page design fresh.  Here are eight picks for art websites with great content and interesting approaches:

Art Sites



In its print form, Artforum magazine is perhaps the preeminent publication on international contemporary art.  And its website is no less filled with food for thought, as well as basic eye candy.  We liked the color-changing logo Current shows, critics’ picks, events, reviews, theory, and art world musings populate Artforum’s site and connected blogs.  You can tell by the ads for major galleries that this is a model of web hosting for art insiders.


This “image bookmarking” website has a unique twist: it’s communal. Users post images they like from around the web, leading to an uploading frenzy of a picture every few minutes.  Posts cover the spectrum of art, fashion photography, interior design, graphics, products, and typography, among others.  It’s a feast for the eyes and, what’s best, by marking certain images as your favorites, the site suggests images for your taste, creating a personal website of culled and curated images. The minimalist web design adds a super-fresh feel to this stunning art website. Plus, the domain’s kinda cool.

Saatchi Online

Charles Saatchi gained notoriety for his sponsorship of the YBAs (Young British Artists) and his subsequently massive influence on the art world and its economics.  In addition to a web page devoted to his gallery space, there is now also Saatchi Online – a social forum where artists of any background can sign up to free website photo galleries and show off their work with a digital portfolio.  The database is constantly growing, and is a great place to check out what’s happening in contemporary art from the grassroots up.

Cool Hunter

Art comes in many forms. Cool Hunter recognizes this fact, highlighting visually arresting design in architecture, fashion, travel, gadgets, advertising, food, and echo-friendliness, among other topics.  Products picked are models of both ingenuity and style.  It’s a great source for sparking your creativity on a variety of levels and getting yourself to think outside the box as you make your own website.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Heilbrunn Timeline

The New York museum with over two million works of art also has a website with a very unique feature.  This is the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, which marks major events from 8000 BC through today and matches them with the corresponding significant art movements and works.  It’s an inspiring way to view how creativity develops over time and place.  Learn from the past as you plan for the future and make your own website.

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Art News

Art News clean and easy to use format is an inspiration in itself. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the cities listed on their website, you can take advantage of Art News’ information and previews about upcoming and ongoing art exhibitions.  It’s a fantastic starting point, from which you’ll get connected directly to galleries and museums.


Here’s another example of an interesting web domain; before you even land inside this site, you anticipate seeing something truly original due to the unconventional domain. Booooooom.com (that’s 7 o’s) is the brainchild of Vancouver artist Jeff Hamada. It’s his energetic – and sometimes spastic – arts and culture blog. The blog is something to admire as you make your own website: it has shot to the top of the charts in popularity and currently boasts 2.6 million page views per month.

Mutual Art

Perhaps the most interactive arts website around, Mutual Art is unique in that it allows you to input your preferences, thereby customizing the site for your personal needs and tastes.  Make your own website selection of specific artists, venues, styles, eras, or locations and, depending on your choices, different works of art, exhibition notices, and articles will be displayed on your home screen.  If you like what you see, sign up for a weekly email notification. This way, Mutual Art will keep alerting you to new artwork, never letting your inspiration wane.


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