25 Free and Premium Admin HTML Website Templates and Layouts

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It’s Brain – premium admin theme

It’s Brain leverages a responsive foundation that makes it adaptive to various screen dimensions. Though you can always return to a fixed layout and enjoy its benefits. Comes with

  • 19 HTML pages,
  • dark and light skin;
  • more than 300 icons available in 2 major sizes;
  • a bunch of UI elements for constructing interface piece by piece;
  • dynamic and static tables;
  • more than 20 jQuery plugins for extending functionality and a lot more useful, it lets you achieve the primary purpose.

vPad – HTML5+CSS3 App Framework

vPad makes the most out of HTML5 and CSS3, providing users with a high-end admin template. It looks great on different devices and platforms giving you an opportunity to take a full control of a website no matter where you are. What’s more, there are even some elements that are styled to satisfy iPhone and iPad specifications such as a drilldown menu or popover. There are also sortable data tables, built-in form validation, and animated loading screen.

Adminium – Modern Admin Panel Interface

Adminium is a modern tool for building a comfortable online workspace for administrators. It gives a full control over the website, statistics, and other data. Being coded with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery it is a fast and reliable template with numerous useful features. Some of the key options are:

  • flexible foundation and device orientation support;
  • jQuery-powered elements;
  • dynamic Ajax-driven search bar;
  • date picker;
  • color picker;
  • sliders with tooltips;
  • sortable tables;
  • stylish notifications and others.

Peach – Clean & Smooth Admin Template

Peach is available in two versions: one with a fluid grid and other with a fixed layout. It is bolstered by jQuery and some high-end features of HTML5 and CSS3. It comprises styling for:

  • tables;
  • forms;
  • toolbars;
  • alert boxes;
  • notifications;

As for other integral elements, there are a gallery with lightbox, file browser, login box, toggle boxes and much more. As a bonus, you will get a sleek and correctly formatted email template with a crisp design.

Grape – Professional & Flexible Admin Template

Grape is a flexible and feature-rich premium admin template that is made with professionals in mind. It has a fluid and fixed layouts so that you are free to choose the most suitable one. Along with a ton of pre-styled form elements such as radio buttons, checkboxes, text fields, textareas, fieldsets, selects and others, you will get plenty of instruments for editing and customizing an appearance of the backend. What’s more, here you will find:

  • three kinds of lists;
  • tabs;
  • notifications;
  • alert boxes;
  • tooltips;
  • login boxes;
  • editable graphs and others.

Chameleon Circuit – Full Featured Admin Theme

Ships with unlimited color choices, classic and time-proven 960 grid system, full browser compatibility, fixed and fluid layouts, Chameleon Circuit is a handcrafted theme that is made for various categories of people including both tech- and non-tech-savvy. It will provide your clients with a comfortable environment that is spruced up with several fancy jQuery effects. Indeed, it offers a great functionality. Not only does it deal with basic routine but also lets you work with statistics and analytics.

White Label – a full featured Admin Skin

White Label overwhelms you with its huge potential. Delivered with 11 custom plugins, 10 extending plugins, more than 300 unique vigilantly designed icons, more than 30 HTML neatly structured files, mobile and tablet friendliness, and a ton of tiny yet integral elements such as file explorer, calendar, breadcrumbs, validation, time fields and others, you will easily and quickly create the dashboard of your dream that will professionally handle all the sorts of data.


Dashboard templates are packed with a lot of components, pages and plugins that recreate a comfortable surrounding with a considerable potential and extensive functional. They make you feel empowered and unobtrusively provide you with all the required instruments to gather, hold and manage data. They have an intuitive interface, beautiful aesthetics and are handy to work on almost any device.

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