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An Amazing Collection Of Free Photoshop Grunge Brushes


“Brushes are the designer’s best friend, particularly web designers who don’t illustrate graphics much.” – and this goes particularly for Photoshop brushes. These are amazing for almost anything from retouching your photos to creating amazing pieces of artwork. Once you master Photoshop’s brushes you can be sure to make almost any kind of effect in order to enhance your design. You can even create your own paintings with so many details that you could hardly imagine how to make it by hand.

Besides the default brushes that you can find in Photoshop, there are hundreds of patterns available for you thanks to the great community of designers that are willing to share them with us. All you have to do is master the basics and get to know how to use them right in order to get the result you imagined in your head. You will be amazed with the results you will get and surely look for more patterns if you get inspired.

We have carefully selected a series of free grunge brushes that you can download and load in Photoshop and get the engines of your imagination started. Grunge brushes are cool for making your design look textured and all in all they are pretty much useful for any kind of effect. So grunge up your design with these cool set of Photoshop brushes!

Free Photoshop Grunge Brushes

Nebular Lite

Plastered Prime

Texture Crush

Distressed Prime

Braque Prime

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Grunge on Board

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