The Art of Andreas Rocha – Digital Illustrations

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Andrea Rocha is a Portuguese Artist who was born in the year 1976 in Portugal and is now famous as one of the most promising young artists of modern age.

The art of Andreas Rocha mainly involves digital painting of skylines futuristic cities and beautiful landscapes and even a different form of abstract art which takes the onlooker to a different dimension altogether. The larger-than-life and some times out of this world tint of the digital works are the specialties of the art of Andreas Rocha.

Recently in an interview, he had commented that ever since his childhood sci-fi films like the Star Wars series and Indiana Jones trilogy have inspired him in creating these out-of-the-world places and landscapes. This blended with a vision of creativity and love towards nature has given rise the wonderful concept of the art of Andreas Rocha which is very different and sets the trademark of the artist himself.

Each of his painting contains sparkling use of color and shades that provide a different look to the ambiance and the  background of the painting and give the paining almost a real life look. ‘Port’, ‘Sci-Fi City – Urban Lights’, ‘Umbrella Dance’, ‘Atlantis’, ‘Saboteurs’, ‘Under My Bed’, ‘Endless Streets’, ‘The Prize’, ‘The Lodge’, ‘Tears in the Rain’, ‘Spring Sunset’ are some of the most exotic digital painting by Andreas Rocha.

The Art of Andreas Rocha


1 Comment
  1. Rachael Jan 23, 11:58 am

    These are great, the landscapes here are very dark & moody, they remind me a lot of scenarios for games, especially the second, fifth and example called fresh meat.

    I think my favourites are the ‘warm mist’ image and ‘an alley in Barcelona’ – they both have so much depth to the picture. I’ve been to Barcelona a few times and this definitely reminds me of streets I’ve stuck my head around – only to realise it wasn’t the right way!

    Thanks for sharing Adrian.

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