20 Useful Tools, Stencils and GUI Kits for Android Developers

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Android is Linux based operating system used for mobile phones. For the developers, the technology provides an open platform to crate all new apps for the developer’s personal use. Using a variety of smartphone devices, the developers can built applications for their uses. Useful tools and kits help the android developers to design applications and developments in short time, but with better interface and catchy designs. Unlike Apple tools, Android kits are not very widespread. Tools for android developers are comprehensive and they allow the developers to apply their creativity.

Android honeycomb Stencils and sketch sheets: Released earlier, this kits for Android has already created a buzz among the iPhone users. When you download the kit, you are supposed to mock upbeat your iPhone designs in your own way. To give the androids a different touch, the users must try the Android honeycomb and Stencils and Sketch sheets. This advanced tool have been designed to support the iPhone tablets, which are about to release in coming months.

App inventor: this particular tool is part of Google lab. The tools enable the users to learn developing the apps direct from the experts. You don’t have to work hard to develop your designing ideas. Just set up the computer and upload the tools, it is actually a kind of tutorial. It revised guidelines on basic app developing ideas. With the help of reference material, available with the tool, the users reach the next level without any hiccups. Show your apps to other users and check out how app inventor works, as is easy to connect others with the help of these particular tools.

Fireworks template for androids, Android phone GUI kits, Android Sketch stencils are also very well developed sensor stimulator are few admired tools and kits for android developers. Sensor Stimulator is java based standalone application. It stimulates the censor data and send out them to Android emulator. At present, the tools support other functions as well. They are: 1. Simulates accelerometer, compass, and orientation sensors, as well as a temperature sensor. 2. Mobile device can be rotated and moved through the mouse or sliders. 3. Supports all functionality that the Android Sensor classes provide (enabled / supported sensors, sensor update rates). It is no more an obligation to develop the apps, whenever you like it.

Tools and Kits for Android Developers

Android Sketch Stencil Version


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