Chaz is a Graphic Designer at Breeziwebsite builder, which allows designers to easily create and manage websites with pixel-level control. He is also a part-time self-proclaimed geek who enjoys web and print design, freelancing, cinema and continuous learning.

  • An About Us Page Design That Tells “THE” Story

    An About Us Page Design That Tells “THE” Story

    Nowadays it has become a trend and a must to showcase the people behind your projects. Companies, creative collectives, organizations and associations  have seen how presenting...

  • Feeling Comfortable with Wireframing

    Feeling Comfortable with Wireframing

    Wireframes can be shaped in different types of fidelity and there are not always specific guidelines on what to do and follow in order to achieve the purpose of your wireframe. In...

  • Designing the Proper Landing Page

    Designing the Proper Landing Page

    The majority of websites have an intent, whether it’s to; showcase work, present & sell a product, for entertainment, or provide information, and at the end the way that the...