Best Tools For Cross-Browser Compatibility Check

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Cross browser testing is an integral and important part of the website design and development process. It’s not an easy task though. There are so many operating systems and browsers available online that testing one’s own website for its compatibility with all of them becomes more than hectic. But, you can’t skip this process also because it helps you know if your website is fully functional in all the environments or not.

Some people, excluding thorough professionals, do not give much importance to this testing process. Why? The reason is they fail to understand that one website can look different in different browsers because of their coding style. For instance, a site may open accurately in Internet Explorer but not in Firefox or Google Chrome. It happens because of the difference in their coding style.

Therefore to make sure the website runs well in all the environments, it’s important to do cross browser testing in at least Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. You can use Google Analytics to get more idea about the browsers which are popularly used.

As far as browser testing is concerned, you will get various options in the market. There are a number of cross browser tools available online. You can pick the best out of them to fulfill your basic requirements. For doing this, you don’t have to spend a single penny. Some of these testing tools can be used free of cost.

List of Resources for Cross Browser Testing

Some of the best resources which can be relied upon for website compatibility test include BrowserShots, Microsoft Expression Web 4 SuperPreview, Adobe BrowserLab, and Browser Sandbox.

BrowserShots is an ideal cross browser testing tool. You can use it to check the compatibility of your website with a host of browsers in one go. It can test your website for Firefox 1+, Safari 3.1+, Chrome 10+, Opera 10+, Internet Explorer 5+ and a few less known browsers.

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Another interesting tool is SuperPreview. It can test your website for browsers like Firefox 3.6, 4, and 5, Internet Explorer 6+ and Safari 4 and 5 for Mac. But, there is one thing you need to be aware about. The validity period of this tool is 60 days. If you want to use it beyond 60 days, make sure to purchase the complete edition of Expression Studio as SuperPreview belongs to this.

You can try Adobe BrowserLab even. Coming from a big and reliable company, this web debugging tool runs tests on a number of browsers including Firefox 5 and 7 for Windows and Mac, Chrome 13 and 14, Internet Explorer 6+, Chrome 13 and 14 and Safari 5 for Mac.

To test your website, you just need to choose a browser in the tool to open it. Once it opens, you can do the live testing of your website in the selected browser. Just to inform you that this tool may not prove much useful in case of Chrome.

So, you can select any of these free cross browser testing tools to meet your needs and requirements. However if you want to explore more options, check out the paid versions as well. Some of the premium browser testing tools which are worth trying, include CrossBrowserTesting, Browsera, Litmus, Multi-Browser Viewer and NetMechanic.

It’s needless to say that cross browser testing tool is a must if you want your website to be a successful one. To ensure that everything goes right once the site is launched, use any of these resources to check your site’s compatibility and functionality.



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