Cyber Monday Deal: 70% OFF Designmodo Shop and Market!


Cyber Monday Deal: 70% OFF Designmodo Shop and Market!

The Cyber Monday sales on Designmodo are underway! Enjoy our 70% off sale, where you can get the most popular tools for website creation at discounted prices.

We have dropped the price of all our popular products — Slides 3 (framework), Qards 1.5 (WordPress Plugin), Startup 2 (bootstrap framework) and others!

And we’ve cut prices for all items on the Designmodo Market!

Use coupon code CYBER to save 70%.

With the 70% discount code the Designmodo Shop prices are unbeatable:

Designmodo Market items are also discounted for Cyber Monday! With the 70% discount code, prices of most popular products have been slashed to create crazy deals; you can get a great UI Kit for only $7!

Add any (or all) of these goodies from the Designmodo Shop and Designmodo Market to your cart, use coupon code CYBER during checkout and watch the savings pile up.

Act fast; this deal expires on Nov. 28, 2017, at midnight EST.


  1. Jemor Nov 23, 3:24 pm

    Some great ones on here, saving my pennies for Friday & Monday. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Tam Nov 23, 3:26 pm

    Are you guys running a Black Friday deal for all products from market?

  3. Pete Gregory Nov 24, 2:22 am

    Thank you so much for this special deal. Looking ahead, i’m going to be sooo busy and desperately needed some frameworks and kits to help to speed up my workflow. With this deal, I can now afford to buy Slides 3 and the other amazing products and I’m positive this will help me take my small freelance business to the next level. Honestly, I really appreciate this generous offer.

  4. Paul Nov 24, 9:22 am

    Am I able to upgrade my Startup license from single to multisite and take advantage of the discount?

  5. Paul Nov 24, 7:17 pm

    Sorry, I meant upgrading existing Qards license ( not Startup license ). I can’t seem to find any upgrade options from within my control panel “Licenses” tab and store doesn’t show upgrade option either? Thanks, love your work!

  6. Regan Nov 27, 8:30 pm

    Can I upgrade Startup Framework license to Startup 2.0?

    • Andrian Nov 28, 11:10 am

      Hi. Unfortunately, Startup 2 is not a free update for the first version of the Startup, just because Startup 2 is a new product with new design and code. Also, you can use the Startup 2 for unlimited websites and pay only once.

  7. Siêu Dec 2, 6:57 pm

    I tried because I miss discount 75% :(

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