30 Highly Detailed Black and White Illustrations

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Website designing is the most essential part for any type of business, especially when the web pages you created are solely responsible for bringing or earning income for you. Since the site you create reflects the business to the customers, it should be given utmost importance and also should be appropriately designed and updated. It should be visually appealing and attractive with a proper balance between all the designing elements. Though there are varieties and colors of illustrations available online, the black and white color illustrations are the most inspiring and a traditional way of conveying messages to the visitors.

This makes your website look more artistic and creative and would definitely attract traffic to the site. Instead of people’s pictures, the creative handmade drawings would convey a personalised feeling or atmosphere. Also make sure, the design trends that you choose should match with the purpose of your website. A successful website lies in choosing the right color scheme with the right background color. You would have come across certain websites where there are multiple colors which would be too gaudy and sometimes it may also be annoying or distracting for the visitors. Not everyone would feel comfortable with the multi colored websites.

Keep it neat and clean and do not use more than two or three colors and it would look trendy when it comes to black and white. In any black and white illustrations used in a website, the web designer should give much importance to the context, composition and the lighting effects. Usually, this biggest visual contrast is generally associated and compared with concepts like good and evil or day and night.

Of course the combination of intricate design and the traditional colors of black and white make the website more attractive. Simplicity is very important when it comes to web designing because the customers should be able to concentrate on the content of the website and not on the designs completely because of which they might tend to get distracted. Gone are the days when extravagant designs, overusing colors were used in graphic designing but now simplicity brings the perfect design and the designers focus mainly on the contents of the website. Thus, pay careful attention and focus on the colors of the images and the text to attract more customers.

Black and White Illustrations

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