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15 Black & White Photos with Selective Color Effects


There are lots of photo effects that amuse us every time we see them. One of them is of course adding a splash of color in an overall black and white photograph. This effect is created to the images to make them more attractive. With the advent of modern technologies, now people want to have some extraordinary effects in almost everything. With these kinds of technologies an ordinary photograph can be transformed into an excellent example of photo editing technology. There are experts who do this very easily. However, with the help of modern tools a layman can also have this effect on his photograph. All he has to know is the proper use of the right technique. And internet can be very helpful in this process of photo editing.

Almost all of us have seen such effects on photographs and wonder how this magic can be done! This is a simple technique. There are various methods of doing so. With techniques like Photoshop this process of image editing can be done within minutes. These effects are really cool and reflect the amazing creativity of the photo editor. There are black and white photos that have selective color effects and on the other hand, there are images that are originally colored but converted into partly black and white. In both the cases similar effects come out.

Photographers love to use this effect to their images since it gives a kind of new life to their photographs. This effect has the power to take an otherwise dull photograph to a maximum height of excellence; the image can become a masterpiece only with this effect. We all know the fact that Photoshop can do miracles. There are lots of things that can be done with images through this image editing program. That is why professional photographers love to use this program at their work.

However, you have to be careful about choosing the right method since some of them may harm the actual photograph. So it would be better to follow the suggestion of the expert photo editors or professional photographers in this matter. There are some non-destructive techniques as well to create this effect which can be easily learnt from the internet. There are various kinds of adjustment layers in the Photoshop elements that can be used for this purpose. The examples on the internet can be a good way to know more about this awesome technique.

Black & White Photos with Selective Color Effects

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