20 Examples of Black and White Color Usage in Web Design


Colors have great effect on our lives. One very interesting and strange fact about colors is, black and white are two individual colors, however when these two come together as “black & white” it represents something colorless or lack of colors. Web designers who have extra-ordinary creative sense apply these two colors in their projects of website designing in such a unique manner that the “black & white” effect takes the site’s beauty to another level of creativity. There are lots of companies who prefer to put colors aside while they are developing websites for their business. And take the help of only two colors, which are black and white obviously, to represent their thoughts and services to the customers.

While we are familiar of visiting sites with bright and attractive colors, this kind of websites with the “black & white” effect can impress us in a different manner for sure. It gives an unusual, unique look and style to the site and we love to visit the site to see something different in the crowd. At the same time the website designer or the developer of the site has to be very much skilled about the use of these two sensitive colors in any website. Since there is no option of playing with lots of colors so the web designers in this case has to make the site attractive to the viewers only by his or her creativity and skill. The perfect use of these two colors in different segments is very vital otherwise the website will look like the older versions of newspapers where only the black letters and images are printed on a white background.

That is why the risk of making a website attractive to the visitors becomes higher when the designer set his or her mind to deal with only these two colors. The perfect use of black and white web design can make a site more “appealing” to the eyes of the viewers than a site with lots of bright colors. But the designer must know how to do this.

The job is challenging indeed but at the same time it can be a great example of human creative mind. In the internet you can get lots of examples of websites where this “black & white” effect is applied in order to make an exclusive website. People love to visit those sites only for the creativity and the perfect use of these two colors in the entire website.

Black and White Color Usage in Web Design

Nicola Cozzolino


Wanda Productions

The Fashion Photography



Blake Allen Design

Perky Bros LLC

Circus Family

We Were Sofa



Dallas Web Design

Web Design Glasgow

Hellcat Records

Leah Haggar

Marc Ecko


  1. Art Silveira Feb 29, 11:03 am

    Great site and for what its worth you are my go to site for in the know info. Been doing creative for 20 plus years and your work continually inspires and informs an old fart like me. Keep up the great work it’s appreciated.

  2. Rachael Feb 29, 12:12 pm

    Some lovely designs here, I like the Dallas Web Design – their logo reminds me of those which belong to liquor bottles, I also like the circus family design its a great name for their concept overall for them doing everything to do with video production.

    I think my favourite is the Redirect design, the illustrations and images are very crisp and great looking overall, usually with parallax sites the quality seems to suffer to cut the loading time, but I much rather like on this site having a loading page as the sites quality overall is definitely worth the wait!

  3. Michelle Oct 5, 10:16 pm

    Nice collection. You can consider http://www.brokenglass.in which is a Black & White website. Please try to include into the next list.

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