25 Professional Free Blogger Templates


Blogger Templates are handy as there is no need to update the blogger software every time. They make the website secure though sometimes we fear irregularity with the layout designing of theme. You can get free blogger templates from the different resources online for your designing purpose. There are three columned templates with important widgets attached to it. This gives a professional outlook to the web page. Another three column format used by bloggers can be a good example of fashion blogs. A four columned blog in magazine style with RSS, book mark buttons is also there.

Another template with characteristics like automatic read more, book mark buttons, thumb nails, tweet button are available. A blogger template in the gallery style is good for daily use. This blog template is good for displaying your work collection and also your portfolio. These templates are clean and highly flexible and are useful for personal and business purpose. They are actually professional minded blogs. The templates are free for downloading and using it. They can be seen in action when the “Live Demo” links is clicked. There are some two columned urban style formats which is changed from WordPress themes, a three columned and simple magazine theme in white color with optimized ad widgets with useful other assimilation, a blogger template of dark gallery for displaying products and different resources, magazine style blog with features like ads ready, read more functions and many others, a two columned blog skin changed from word press design.

There are some simple themes of blog transformed from WordPress to blogging platform and has poster for advertising blog. Another similar blog has advertising features. Some free bloggers in wood and a mixture of old paper style is also unique. Some xml templates are created by professional designers and this theme is useful for drag and drop options for sidebars. Some two columned formats are made for word press and transformed into a blogger.

A girly type three columned theme has attractive graphics, is made for WordPress and transferred for blogger. A three main column and a four columned layout for the footer section, a theme with nine colors in a three columned blog design, widget blogger, and ready made blogger for tech niche sites are found from these resources.

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  1. Hamdan Dec 31, 4:29 pm

    Most of blogger templates are just adapted from WP theme. So, the blogger template maker don’t need thinking about the design. I think your post would be better if the templates are original design from blogger template itself, not adapting from WP or others

  2. Andrew Jan 9, 9:01 am

    Many of these templates are trying to be so much more than a blog. There are only around three templates here which actually look like blogs..

    I would (and am sure many others would too) appreciate a best of list of blog templates for blogs!

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