3D Digital Graffiti of Brad Schwede

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It’s hard to deny the fact that the 21st century world is revolving around digital technology. The way it has revolutionized the publication of magazines and newspapers, both online and offline, combining words and images in the most dramatic manner is simply remarkable. Inspired by the use of this technology of today, the Graffiti expert Brad Schwede from Brisbane, Australia, has created some magnificent masterpieces for us.

For the first time in the history of creativity and innovation, we could see the rendezvous of graffiti and digital technology, thanks to Brad Schwede. He is the master of this art and his excellence can be experienced by looking at the digital graffiti work created by him. In his designs, you will see the dominant use of locations such as bridges, jungles and streets. All these ideas are developed using digital drawing. His work is, however, not limited to this. He is an expert in creating other types of graffiti also including sculpting.

Coming back to the realm of digital graffiti of Brad Schwede, you will notice that he has made optimum use of adobe photoshop application. His digital graffiti collection is available in simple to complex deigns with some 3D effects at times. The eye-catchy color combination that has been used in his work is also the result of adobe photoshop.

The attractive digital graffiti art work of Brad Schwede is based on different themes. They can be aptly used as a self-expression or to define the purpose of your project in both real and virtual worlds. No matter whether you need an excellent piece of digital graffiti for your personal or professional use, you can simply take a tour of the wide collection and choose the one that fits in your requirement well.

You can select a cool digital graffiti for your desktop wallpaper or a happening piece for your site as a head turner. Selection can be based on your personal preferences because of the availability of the sheer variety of this marvelous art piece. So, if you are ready to make a difference among your peers, colleagues or even business rivals, do make a room for digital graffiti in your world and watch out its impact. Don’t worry about the choices, because, as already said, this digitalized art piece by Brad Schwede has immense variety.

3D Digital Graffiti

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