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35+ Examples of Branding & Corporate Identity Design

Frances May by The Official Manufacturing Co.

Bold, soft and huge typeface is a key feature of this design. Lettering that is made in it immediately strikes the eye. It was created to produce a wave of nostalgia and envelop clients with a pleasant and incredible old-timey feeling. It is realized with the help of natural materials, stamps, and other matching elements.

Academy by Academy

Academy by Academy has a certain level of personality. The artist opts for pastel colors, black tone, beautiful typography and rough material. As a result, the brand identity looks interesting and original though it evokes quite mixed feelings. While elegant dark b-card with an embossed logotype fits like a glove, the b-card made in pale yellow looks a bit ill-suited.

13th Street stationery of horror by Jacques Pense

It stands out from the crowd. The artist employs photo realistic renderings of zombies to match the mood of the company and produce a stunning result. He puts an interesting twist on an envelope and makes printed media look frightening. As for the rest, the content is neatly laid out and easy to perceive.

Creavisa by anagrama

Creavisa by anagrama avoids overloading users with too much copy or too many decorative elements. Nevertheless, the project still looks overpowering because of rich violet used as a primary color. It marks every item of brand identity and charges the project with a subtle sense of dynamics. However, the logotype that is composed of a kaleidoscope of colors as well as white copy stands in contrast to it and draws the attention.

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Bone Daddy’s by Matchbox

The team needs to express an atmosphere of Texas BBQ restaurant that is famous for its love to Southern folk art and funky vibe. By incorporating wood textures, hand-crafted elements, bold color palette, rough textures and exquisite illustrations, it is managed to achieve its goal, inject some fresh air into the company identity and save heritage and traditions.

Kultur Fest Valen

Kultur Fest Valen looks fresh, crisp and energetic. Bright yellow enriches the project with positive and makes it give off cheerfulness and fun. Graffiti style logotype and corresponding illustrations with grungy touch add urban appeal.

Deichmanske library

Revamped brand identity for Deichmanske library is aimed to reflect many sides of the institution. Its logotype is a complex multi-faceted 3D geometric shape that leverages few colors. There are several variants of this intricate polyhedron that are used to enrich designs of stationery items with meaning. Neatly structured content and clear titles go well with the idea.

BWG Brand Development by Mash Creative

Here every detail has its place and context. The project exudes an image of reliability, seriousness, and potential. The team has adopted numerous interesting solutions to convert a 40-page booklet into an entertaining and enjoyable reading. There are typographic centerpieces, bright vigilantly crafted charts and graphs and much more.

Cous Cous by Gergana Le Coq

Cous Cous by Gergana Le Coq has an original and rich background with a twist. The artist utilizes decorative typeface with swashes not only to display titles but also to create a primary pattern for prettifying canvas. With such a lavish element, a generous amount of white space is simply vital to save viewers from confusions.

Black Umbrella Identity by MyORB, Felix von der Weppen, Lucie Kim

Much like the previous example, the intricate pattern that is used for background rules the roost. It creates the sophisticated aesthetics and establishes ornate and exquisite tone. It is an abstract visualization of the umbrella. Matching light coloring and traditional arrangement of a copy provide potential clients with a pleasant experience.

The Story Unfolds by The Story Unfolds

The team has got a spur from an entangled and fancy process of unfolding origami. The idea is brought to life with the help of geometric patterns that ideally blend in, typographic centerpieces that demonstrate slogans and data in an unconventional way, and gorgeous sketchy and realistic illustrations.

Luxembourg & Dayan by Watson & Company

Almost microscopic lettering surrounded by a ton of white space is a characteristic trait of each mockup. It equips the project with a sense of refinement and exclusivity. The well-thought-out coloring, a distinctive typeface that looks legible in any size and minimal approach show the spirit of the corporation.

Valens Energy Drink by Maxime Quoilin

The brand identity of Valens Energy Drink by Maxime Quoilin is centered around water and droplet shape. So as you may have guessed the primary palette is based on shades of blue. White is used as a secondary color to add freshness. The artist has crafted all the integral elements from logotype to advertising posters that perfectly comply with the theme.

Gochisou Identity by Yaegerwerks

The author gets the basics of color psychology right. Since red is believed to develop an appetite, the design of a project dedicated to Japanese restaurant relies namely on this tone. The logotype is an interesting and smart interpretation of a client. Coloring, open feeling and type handle harmonious user experience.

RW Modern Corporate Identity by Reclameworks

RW Modern Corporate Identity by Reclameworks was made with creative business in mind so that it has a sophisticated and intricate appearance to meet the targeted audience. Abstract backgrounds have a high-tech vibe and add to modernity. Green and blue express trust, growth, and balance as well as set up a friendly atmosphere.


The original design is able to promote the image of an organization, give an enormous boost to a start-up and make the business thrive. Professional corporate identity always elicits trust. The more things you mark with company’s logotype, brand coloring and slogan/motto, the more chances you will have to win over clients and develop healthy relationships.

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