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33 Free and Premium PSD and EPS Brochure Design Templates


Among the various methods of advertising, brochure is considered as one of the most effective mediums. A brochure is like a self image of the company. It projects the business to the others. Hence companies like to have a stylish, creative and informative brochure in order to impress the society about their products or services. Be it a hospital or a beauty salon or a University; a professional and smart looking brochure is a must to make people aware of the services rendered and the products, the way they offered and the motto of the business. So negligence cannot be afforded in this segment of business. If you fail to impress your customers through your brochure then there is high chance that you will lose business. That is why using the PSD and EPS brochure design templates for business is a great idea.

These templates are very attractive in look and can impress the clients very easily. Though, in the success of a brochure there is a great role of convincing contents and useful information as well, however, without extraordinary graphics and catchy icons these brochures can do nothing. So a brochure has to be a perfect amalgamation of good and informative contents, exclusive graphics and attractive icons so that it can catch the eyes and the minds of the viewers.

In order to obtain these qualities one can try the PSD and EPS brochure design templates. With excellent graphic works these templates ensure the attention of the viewers. People like to see and read these kinds of brochures and want to keep them for future use as well. There are different types of brochures in the market; 4 page corporate brochures, 3 or 2 fold brochures, 8 pages brochures and many more. There are even brochures for different types of professions such as IT, corporate or medical. You can choose your favorite one among them.

Since both the free and the premium versions of these PSD and EPS free brochure design templates are available on the internet, you have wider options to choose the perfect design for your company brochure. The highly professional look of these templates adds the desired seriousness to your brochure which impresses your clients as an out and out professional team. Select the best template for your company and enjoy having a unique brochure for your dream project.

Free PSD and EPS Brochure Design Templates

Corporate Bi Fold Brochure Template

It has a businesslike atmosphere and geometric appeal that is suitable for presenting your company in an appropriate light. It has a standard size of 11×8.5 and utilizes fonts and images that are royalty free.

It is available in AI, EPS, and JPEG formats so that you can easily change coloring or text, or add your brand identity via Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Corporate Tri Fold Brochure Template 2

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It’s another clean and crisp PSD template that enables you to briefly familiarize users with your agency with the help of the traditional print media.

This rather small brochure has a regular size of 8.5×5.5 and stylish and modern design that does not need any customization, except for inserting your content and adding logotype. You are free to grab AI and JPEG files and do whatever you want.

Corporate Tri Fold Brochure Template

The structure of this template suggests that it fits to demonstrate a list of features in an organized and pleasant manner. Text is accurately bolstered by corresponding images that ideally blend into the composition.

Thanks to easily editable format such as AI you can quickly assign desired colors and even add some extra twists. If you are satisfied with photos, you can leave them since they are royalty free.

Free Coreldraw Brochure Templates

This ready-to-be-print template will neatly organize data and concisely inform readers about your business. It is supplied with such characteristics as:

  • two-sided well-organized layout;
  • the default size of 8.5×11;
  • CMYK color scheme;
  • a handful of photos that are royalty free;
  • a resolution of 300dpi;
  • editable and intuitively customizable;
  • 2 formats for Coreldraw and standard JPEG;
  • pleasant and clean appearance.

The template can be used as a bi- or tri- fold brochure.

Free Coreldraw Brochure Templates

It’s marked by a distinctive and energetic musical feeling that helps to convey a proper atmosphere of music festival, party, store or even a group. It is ready to be print in commercial devices such as laser or inkjet thanks to appropriate CMYK coloring and high resolution of graphics and photos. It is available in CRR and JPEG formats.

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