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If you are having a business then it is obvious that you want to promote it. There are several techniques to promote a business; be it products or personal service. Business cards is considered one of the most effective methods of promoting business across the world.

Even if it seems that such type of print media slowly but surely dying out, in fact, it is one of those which is able to migrate from a modern feature into a classic must-have item.

The business card template is not just a simple piece of paper that includes your skills and contact details; it is an essential part of your corporate brand identity that presents your trade name in the marketplace in the real world. It should also feature your logo, tagline, and brand colors – things, for which you or your agency can be quickly, easily and uniquely identified.

The more original and memorable your business card will be the more chances you will have to convert potential clients into real ones. Having a sample template allows you to enormously facilitate the prototyping of your own business card, especially that designers’ community never ceases to amaze us by either stylish designs that comply with current trends or with ingenious solutions such as the use of wood or plastic material.

This collection uncovers different professional business card templates that can be quickly customized and immediately printed. The post falls into 2 parts. The first one includes business card templates available for free while the second part demonstrates the best premium options.

Free Business Card Templates

Business Card PSD Templates

Free Business Card PSD Template

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At the heart of the design is placed a lovely icon that can be easily replaced with your logotype. The front side is wisely divided into 2 logical blocks: the first one is responsible for creating visually-appealing appearance while the second one clearly displays your contacts. This is a pretty elegant solution, which comes with:

  • 4 colors for the front and back sides;
  • CMYK, print-ready;
  • PSD file;
  • 3,75X2,25 inches.

5 Free Business Card PSD’s

The team gives away a pack of assorted business cards that consists of 5 well-crafted pieces. Each one has its own theme, color scheme and graphics. Though they have different appearances (each design includes some artistic elements such as fancy textured background, glossy logotype or an elegant brush stroke) yet they still have something in common: they are aimed to make your business card look modest yet creative thanks to some lovely decorative touches.

Personal Business Card

This visually-pleasing mockup has a distinct techno vibe thanks to pixelated illustrations, digital-style font, warm pastel background and vibrant coloring. It will be suitable for those who truly appreciate digital world.

The template has such characteristics as

  • utilization of standard Photoshop fonts;
  • standard 3.5”x2” size;
  • bleed area.

Minimal Business Card Template

This minimal business card has a nice geometry feeling. The designer skillfully combines together circles and irregular blocks in order to create several prominent separate blocks that can be used for displaying your data. Slightly skewed text ideally fits into composition. Though the designer makes use of black and white colors thereby giving the design a strong temperate appearance, yet you can freely use other color combos, just make sure that they stand in sharp contrast to each other.

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FREE Business Card Template

Kendra Gainez, a really talented artist, gives away a set of 10 different business card templates that can be freely used for presenting your company.

The variety includes a clean minimal designs, a mockup with nice lighting effect, vector-style templates and others. Every piece is ready to be print and has standard sizes.

DZ Grass Business Card

A business card that instantly conveys a natural atmosphere will be suited for those whose company deals with organic stuff. The mockup features a neatly-created grass-style background that effectively cooperates with bold type.

As usual, the template comes with:

  • 300 DPI;
  • 3mm bleed;
  • 3.5×2 inch;
  • 2 psd files.

Corporate Business Card

The team has created a classic corporate business mockup that produces strong businesslike feelings. Each side exudes an image of professionalism thanks to the restrained color scheme, lots of whitespace, subtle typography and absence of bright graphics.

Business Card Template

The artist is managed to quite successfully unite calendar and business card together, so to say kill two birds with one stone by offering a not only informative but also quite useful piece of paper.

Moreover, the backside includes amazing flower typography, which, unfortunately, you should reproduce by yourself. Yet the artist provides a link to a really easy-to-repeat tutorial that explains how to achieve such a beautiful effect.

Business Card Template

This dark and gorgeous business card also features a calendar on its back. Inside the pack you will find:

  • 2 layered psd files;
  • ink and blind letterpress mask file;
  • bleed area and guides.

The card can be freely used for personal projects whereas the commercial use can be allowed only after obtaining permission from the author.

Splat Business Card

With the clean minimal layout, pleasant graphics, smooth and bold typography and a lovely grunge touch this professional business card template are highly recommended for those who want to show its creative side, and at the same time, stay serious for clients.

As usual, the author has provided a fully layered PSD file that is easily editable and can be printed at once.

Download Free Modern Business Card

Those who truly appreciate details especially in small-scaled designs will be simply delighted with this business card mockup. Its wonderful design aesthetics is accomplished with the help of excellent textured canvas, simulation of 3d effect, sharp typography, harmonious combination of colors and properly-organized placement for contact data.

As you can see, mix of black and white colors offers a sharp contrast for the text as well as lets it harmoniously complement bright elements.

Black Inc free business card

Want to convey a firm impression on your potential clients then try out this minimalist card template with a classic layout and nice sharp typography spiced up with some pleasant effects. The author offers:

  • 4 separate folders, each one includes a style option;
  • print-ready mockup;
  • standard size;
  • used font.

Do remember to check out the license: the artist deliberately declares it in the download page and in a Help file.

Seextwood business card

The designer has created the business card according to basic specifications such as:

  • 3.5×2.5 inches;
  • 300 Dpi;
  • CMYK color mode.

The template corresponds to minimalism: front and back sides of the card look really spacious and clean.

Classy business card

Here, the magnificent glossy typography with a golden touch immediately strikes users’ eye, so that your company name will be certainly a focus of attention.

Much like in the previous example, the author has taken into account all main recommendations, so you will be able to quickly customize the card due to a fully layered PSD file.

Exclusive business card

This is a two-sided business card with a beautiful background and pleasant gradient effect that is aimed to help you introduce yourself in style. The author offers 2 predefined color variants: blue and silver. However, if you are familiar with Photoshop you can set your colors, change gradient and even add some decor elements.

As befits, the printable material is made in CMYK mode and in a document with 300 dots per inch resolution.

Crispy business card

This elegant and sleek business card will be ideal for almost any company. Being based on a solid color backdrop it is marked by 2 blocks, where you can place your contact details. They naturally stand out from the canvas due to contrasting color, so your data will not go unnoticed.

The author has also prepared 2 color options: positive and negative as well as releases business card in 3 formats: PSD. AI, EPS.

Technix business card

This dark clean business card is most suitable for tech companies that prefer simpler and much cleaner designs rather than intricate and artistic ones.

The author provides you with an easily customizable piece that you can open in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. The color choice (mix of black and blue tones), as well as sleek diagonal pattern and flat colorful blocks, effectively reinforce the businesslike atmosphere, so that all you have to do is just replace sample data with your own.

Business Card

Want to add to your brand identity a touch of informality and individuality then prettify your business card with a fancy and funny mascot. Intrigued? Then check out this mockup with 2 alternative backsides and creative front side. The latter depicts a lovely character that by the way can be easily customized via Adobe Illustrator since it is a vector smart object.


Though nowadays we are more and more inclined to choose online means in order to let people know about you, your company and your contacts; however, a good old time-proven way of handing your business card to potential clients’ hands is still capable of bringing considerable benefits, especially when this card has an eye-catching, memorable and unconventional design.

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