35 Business Cards That You Would Beg to Hold in Your Hand

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Every one of us would like to emphasise their individuality and personality. This desire of ours also extends on our activity. We all want more admirers of our work, more potential clients and business partners and there’s nothing wrong in being eager to do better on the professional sphere.

Bear in mind that details are always important when talking about the concepts of self-expression, either it’s business-related or not. Therefore, it is important to focus our attention on tiny details, because we can never know what could draw our future client’s attention. Maybe it will be the color combination of our logo, or maybe the pleasant sensation of feeling the texture of our new, modern business card

So, a business card is a very useful little thing and, in spite of its small size, it can play a positive role in shaping the personal style of the certain individual or the image of the whole company. Nowadays, there are more and more creative marketing tools of attracting the customers and business card design and printing also got more creative and original.

In this showcase we are presenting 35 business cards that you would simply beg to hold in your hand. It’s just that the modern typographic techniques let you use different products to create materials that yesterday were not even possible to be associated with this industry: leather, lace, plastic, metal, glass, and much more. In front of our eyes there takes place an evolutionary leap from printing business cards to replicating the abilities of such works of skill (from a technical and cultural point of view).

Business Cards

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