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Website is the basic identity of your online business and that is why you need to be very careful about the designing part of the same. Professional web designers are experts who provide you the best quality websites for your business. However, sometimes hiring a professional web designer or developer can be an issue in scenarios where budget is a constraint. In these cases, you can try the pre-designed HTML website templates and layouts which are much more cost-effective.

These Business HTML templates are efficient web layouts with clear and easily understandable HTML codes. These codes can be reused as many times as needed. These are ready made web templates and layouts that have all the HTML pages, graphics’ source fonts and files. Once you have any such business HTML website template or layout in your hand, you can customize it with the help of any contemporary HTML editor.

You can also use Photoshop in order to edit the image source files in those templates. Web designers find these templates very useful for them since it saves their time and gives them some brilliant ideas of web designing. These business HTML templates and layouts can be used in various industries. There are a wide range of layouts and templates that can be used for different types of businesses. Be it an online shopping site or a website for an IT house, a Medical site or a fashion portal; you can get perfect designs for your websites from these array of business HTML website templates and layouts.

These templates can be availed for free and in that way this is a great way to save the initial investment in business for the small or new business owners. There is premium version as well for those who don’t like to have the free service. They not only save time and money but have other good functionalities as well. You can include images and change the color scheme on these templates. New pages can be added easily. And the most important thing is that the designs of these templates are really good. They are capable enough to attract the eyes of the visitors. They are smart, professional, efficient and user friendly. With all of these excellent features, these website templates and layouts are the latest craze in the world of online business.

Free Business HTML Website Templates

Generic Website Template

The front page of this sleek and elegant theme is aimed to focus users’ attention on your images with a help of light unostentatious grayish coloring and lots of whitespace.

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The theme ships with:

  • 3 basic layouts;
  • fully layered sliced PSD file;
  • valid HTML/CSS code.

It was made with home chefs, web hosters, and those who truly appreciate clean designs in mind.

Steakhouse Web Template

The theme will give a perfect sense of your restaurant, conveying a warm and friendly atmosphere. Brutal appetizing red coloring in tandem with gorgeously textured blocks showily and effectively compliment tasty photos of your dishes. The developer shares with its readers 6 subpages including html-based menu card, working contact form, “about” section and others that are correctly displayed across all popular browsers and various devices.

Pet Shop web template

This image-intensive template is well-suited for fulfilling various purposes, though the developer declares that this theme is targeted at owners of pet shops and pet breeders. Here, orange in tandem with white color helps to convey message in a pleasant and positive way through establishing a truly warm and friendly atmosphere.

If you are up to a theme that should demonstrate numerous photos in a compact and visually-appealing manner as well as leave a vivid impression on visitors, then this template is what you really need.

Business Solutions Website Template

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The theme impresses on visitors a really strong and distinctive businesslike feeling with its solid design. Here every factor: typography, graphics, coloring, and even compact layout is intended to contribute to the appearance. As usual, the developer provides users not only with a well-crafted home page, but also with 6 more subpages in order to complete the whole look and let you get straight to work.

Dentist Website Template

The theme is aimed to embrace sphere of health and beauty, providing an effective online platform for dental clinics and dental experts as well as beauty/spa salons, fitness gyms and others. The design is based on clean monochrome backdrops, sharp font, well-balanced structure and pleasant coloring that instantly produce a really strong and powerful effect. Add to this the eye-catching lopsided vibrant blocks with a lovely geometry appeal and you will be able to not only grab users’ attention but also easily direct them towards required fragments of information.

Business World Website Template

The theme is a great way of getting your business off the ground. The structure includes 6 standard pages that will let you showcase your company from different sides. The author offers you pre-defined well-organized layouts to

  • introduce yourself;
  • show off your products;
  • establish communication with online visitors;
  • display your abilities.

Food online template

The theme has a boxy feeling due to compactly-arranged distinctive blocks and widgets that embrace various functional components such as online booking, special offer and others. Here, the coloring in tandem with mouthwatering images is capable of effectively working up an appetite.

The package includes:

  • sliced PSD files;
  • images;
  • HTML files;
  • CSS files.

FWT Slide

You are going to love this dark magnificent theme with a crisp typography, contrasting coloring and densely-packed layout. Coming with such features as:

  • JQuery image slider;
  • JQuery sidebar gallery;
  • solid high-quality graphics;
  • clean optimized code.

It will definitely give your small company or agency a really bright and promising start.

FWT Slide v2

This is a revised version of the previous HTML template. It as well includes the same range of functionality except for a new jQuery dropdown menu that marks the header section. 2-column layout along with image slider spiced up with a calm color scheme gives the design a fresh and neat aesthetics – an appropriate appearance for attractively presenting your company online.


This simple yet sleek website template based on a 3-column layout provides you with an elegant solution to bring out your company online. Unlike the previous 2 templates, this one does not have a habitual image slider in the header or any other dynamic effects, it is totally static, however it is targeted at those who are looking for a robust structure that is chiefly concentrated on a content rather than on an interactivity.

Premium Business Templates

App Website

App Website

Based on a utterly trustworthy and flexible Bootstrap 3, this topnotch website theme has all the functionality inherent to this powerful framework and even more. The team has formed an effective and quite successful partnership between frontend and backend, providing the interface with a really gorgeous appearance made with flat style in mind and bolstered by firm basis, so that you can start your own business fast, reliably and in a stylish manner.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

This matchless, nicely contrasting website template allows you to mix business with pleasure, offering an excellent platform for launching your company online as well as effectively taking care of your readers. The theme is managed to provide your users with an ideal experience and great readability and at the same time lets you take pleasure in running and operating your website. Besides, it will certainly get more conversions thanks to fully responsive layout, which kindly treats users that preferably use cellphones and tablets for surfing the web.

Deal Website

Deal Website

The template is professional from design to functionality. Clean structure, well-organized files, properly documented code, intuitive interface, flat balanced design make this theme so special.

Moreover, it has such valuable features as:

  • responsiveness;
  • easy customization;
  • user friendliness;
  • excellent support.

First Page

First Page

One of the greatest advantages of this high-end template is that it works consistently on all major browsers as well as looks seamlessly good across all devices. Along with pixel-perfect solid icons, well-executed graphics and neat layout, the design is supplied with a great functionality. Some of its key characteristics are:

  • mobile friendliness;
  • fast-loading;
  • support for retina displays;
  • SEO optimization.

Landing Page

Landing Page

Looking to grow your business over a short period of time, then build up your online presence with this refined and professionally-looking theme that is aimed to settle your affairs quite effectively and productively. It strikes optimal balance between design and functionality, where the latter can boast of such advanced features as:

  • flexible layout;
  • clean grid structure;
  • sleek line style buttons;
  • nicely-looking pricing table;
  • small pleasant effects.

Video website

Video Website

The theme naturally marries videos with copy, recreating a really harmonious landing page design. Though it relies on a minimal solution that not everyone will find appropriate to their needs, however if you are running a small company or just recently begin your career that will be quite enough for vividly presenting yourself to online audience.


Making use of pre-made HTML/CSS website template is a really popular way of launching your business online. The web developers are constantly contributing themes to pushing this area forward; so that you won’t be left without a template that will meet your expectations both concerning design and functionality; and our list of free and premium html website templates and layouts will assist you with this matter.

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