30 Cafe and Bar Logos Design Inspiration

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Most of us love to take coffee and the fact that so many coffee outlets are opening up across the world nowadays is in itself a clear proof of this. Some prefer coffee for it contains energizing effects and others simply enjoy its slightly bitter sip that offers them a mild hint of chocolaty flavor too. You must be wondering why the taste and love for coffee is being so much harped upon here. Well, if you are a coffee lover, then go and take few sips first to wake up your hidden creative and innovative self within.

Logo designing, as everybody knows, is a challenging task. You need to be both at your creative and logic best while designing a logo because it represents the image and reputation of a company and its product. If the service or business of a particular company is not conveyed through the logo’s theme and design, then there is no point in having one. You can say that a logo is the first sign of professionalism; and, if well-conceived, it can help any company earn credibility.

Since having a corporate logo is important for any business venture, cafe and bar houses also need the one that is brilliantly designed. And as you know the competition is very stiff in this sphere, the cafe and bar logo design should really stand out from the rest. For this, you can definitely take a look at some fantastic cafe logo designs that have been created so far for the café’s and bars. You can draw inspiration from them to come up with an elegant bar logo design for your business.

If you check their logos, you will notice one common thing in most of them and it is the prominent use of chocolate or brown color and cup/goblet. These elements without creating any confusion talk about the core business of the company or the nature of the product. So, go ahead and explore to get inspired.

Cafe and Bar Logos Design Examples


1 Comment
  1. Rachael Dec 16, 11:55 am

    I think logos for coffee shops and cafes are especially important, people tend to form a loyalty to them – so one of the main ways a new shop will gain customers is through an eye catching logo on the outside.

    I think there’s some nice examples here – I like the second juice time logo – the choice of purple is different to the more citrus colours that many juice bars rely on. The Coffee Night Logo is also very creative.

    I’ve said it on a previous post – in these kind of logo posts it would be nice to see ‘real’ examples of great coffee, bar & cafe logos, rather than ones just from dribble to see how they compare.

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