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35 Free “Call To Action” Button Templates (PSD)


Call to action buttons are inevitable part of graphic design. Nowadays, web pages are being built with several purposes. The users refer to these pages for certain product related information, cost free or paid dealings or for entertaining news. The developers are always eager to serve the purposes. Else it is totally useless to build the site spending money, time or energy. Call to action buttons are thus important to ask for an act from the visitors end. Call to action is pop up buttons, which the visitors can click on to perform any action of buying something or move from one page to another for different information.

Before you design some call to action buttons, you require some planning and thoughts to install them. Else the button lose their functionality and cause nothing to the customer or brings no revenue to the developers. They are supposed to be a part of your prototyping and the process of framing information. To customize your site, you need to take a good care of installing the call to action buttons to assist your visitors.

According to expert web page developers, the size of call to action buttons is a point to think about while installing them. The size of the buttons should go well with the logo of the page. If the size is limited to 20% of the logo size, then both of them remain visible. This is a perfect size to draw the visitor’s attention, to search for the relevant information. Else, the logo will be visible only and your visitors will not get any relevant option to search for purchasing option.

It is also important to place your call to action buttons in a preferable location. After going through the whole content, the visitors may wish to purchase the thing or book it online. In that case it is better to place the call to action button either on the top of the Web Pages or the somewhere in the middle. This will knock them if they forget to get back. Or you can place the buttons in the center   of the Webpage. It is a very common practice among the web page developers. They are so eye catching that the readers instantly clicks them, even without reading the content.

Free “Call To Action” Button Templates (PSD)

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